How many Teslas are there in Colorado?

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I was in a conversation with a ICE car owner and the question came up how many Teslas are there in Denver (or Colorado). I remember seeing a US map showing that number by state but I can't seem to find that information again (Google frustration). Does anyone know where I can get that inforamtion?


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    Denver service center
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    I spoke with the SC as well as the sales folks at Park Meadows. Nobody has any idea how many Teslas there are in CO. You would think with the satellite links to all cars, that would be an easy feat to accomplish.
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    Can this info be accessed through DMV public records?
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    Heck, I tried to figure out this last year. I think nobody knows. There are hundreds of Model Ss in Colorado. I know right now, there are just two or maybe three Model Xs in Colorado Springs. When I picked up my Model X, the guys at the SC said they thought they had delivered about 13 MXs so far to Colorado addresses. That sure doesn't seem like many to me. I would surely like to know. Mac
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    A rough estimate, assuming 60,000 cars sold in the US, would be 60,000x(5/300)=1,000 cars.
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