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The T turns Six...Any Signs of Aging?

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From 2019 on, I will follow @sblank's format, listing repairs by year as a summary for those who don't want to read a lot of detail. Will research our work orders to make sure we have captured all non routine maintenance.

2014 Car delivered March 12, 2014. Passenger front door handle replaced July.
2015 Same passenger door handle replaced
2016 Upgraded to LTE. UMC failed to charge, replaced Sept.
2018 Drive unit replaced with ceramic bearing equipped unit, car taken back for adjustment in front end alignment after it drifted to the right.
2019 July 14, 2019 performed air bag , steering bolt, liftgate drainplug service bulletins, torqued front/rear suspension, untangled seat belt. $273.
Nov 6 and 11, 2019, low coolant warning, purged system. Replace 12V battery soon warning. Palm Springs Tesla Service replaced our 12V battery . First time it has been replaced. 69 months. 35,303 miles. $205
2020 Replaced main battery coolant hose and rapid mate (coolant assembly, cx vehicle side mdls) $557 (they reduced it by amount paid in November for purging coolant, which did not permanently resolve leak/alerts)

Original Post -2016

This Saturday, March 12, our S85 turned two years old. Just shy of 20,000 miles, with original 19" Michelin Primacies. 90% charge is still 236 and 100% full has dropped from 265 to 261 miles. I see that 100,000 VINs have been issued since 32723 was made. To date, the only problem our car has had was passenger front door handle stuck in open position. However, we deliberately avoided most options, both for avoidance of cost and mechanical complexity. Only options on our Classic T were dual chargers, Tech Package and (original) blue paint. All this was pre autopilot, pre dual motors, of course. We reflect that if ordering today, autopilot would be of interest.

2018 Drive Unit Replacement Detail

February 28, 2018, we took the T in for its Fourth Annual Service. It's at 30,000 miles, and a year ago we replaced the tires with the same Michelin Primacies. About 6 months ago we noticed some chirping noises from the rear, so Tesla replaced the drive unit with the ceramic bearing rebuilt unit. We enjoyed Model X P100DL VIN 81103 with 3000 miles on it, which we named "Jonah the Loanah". Our car is holding 260 miles range full, 235 at 90% still. 200,000 more Model S cars have been produced since we took delivery of ours.

And you?

How has yours been doing, at the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8th year anniversary? It will be interesting to see which signs of aging crop up as we drive on down the road. I guess I am not referring to the things that immediately go wrong soon after delivery and were made right by Tesla.

We have many happy memories, of our trips from San Diego: West Coast/Canada trip, Utah Parks, Desert Southwest, California Wine/Mountain trips and various trips to LA, Idyllwild and Palm Springs. 11,000 miles have been on Superchargers or otherwise free charging. We look forward to the upcoming Great Lakes trip, hopefully in a new Model 3! Not! Canceled Model 3 at 8 week mark, after delivery could not be pinned down even to the 11th or 12th week, thus invalidating our whole itinerary.

Still smiling every regrets!


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    @sbeggs - we are a year in delivery time, 49,000 in VIN and 9000 miles behind you. Our model S is, thanks to OTA updates, a better car than when we received it. I know you didn't ask about the "younger" cars, but I couldn't resist and jumped into the thread. I am looking forward to the car's 10 year anniversary, when it will be driving on its own! Or at least when I let it. Definitely no regrets!
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    "Theshit". vin30508 S85 delivered Mar 5, 2014. 44,000 mostly colorado miles. MCRed. 19-inch silver cyclone wheels. body color roof. coil springs. leather. tech. Only service was a swapped out wiring harness and addition of titanium underbody shield. Never spent a night in service center. Its the only car I drive. Replaced a 2001 Audi quattro TT. Highly recommend Opticoat.

    Hope to see a big crowd at the Black Hills, Custer SD "sound of silence" rally in May.
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    We are approaching 2yrs as well Vin 43973. 22K miles with zero problems. Only a few trips using superchargers Portland -Lake Tahoe Roundtrip being the longest. Tires still with plenty of tread left too. This is our primary vehicle, and we absolutely love it. First got sold on the car for its performance, but now I find the convenience of charging at home and the comfort /ease of driving in traffic (one pedal) my favorite attributes.
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    Two and one-half years in, 39K miles, many early problems, many fewer recently, with four that might be age/wear related:

    "Milling" noise: replaced drive train.
    Creaking noise when suspension moves up or down: replaced front control arm.
    Clanking noise in rear: parking brake pad detached: replaced pad and brake rotors.
    12V battery replaced after issuing warning.

    It's feeling much better now that the rate of repairs has dropped dramatically, but it's still a couple in the past year.
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    My S85, purchased new in March 2014, now has 43,000+ miles. It has been very dependable once we worked through a rash of issues in the first few months, including failed 3G and failed 17" display. But it has never left me stranded. My 90% battery says 233 miles; I almost never charge to 100%. I opted for the pano, which clunked some when open; long ago fixed. I got the Tech Package, but went with plain white exterior and the standard black multi-pattern interior. No troubles with the Tech Package.

    At about 35,000 miles I got the dreaded milling sound. The DU was replaced without hesitation.

    In between these infrequent difficulties I have enjoyed the drive. Overall, a wonderful car.
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    2.5 years, 63k miles. Getting better with age.
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    #64/// P85D is 15 months old with 26K Miles. Have had several issues. Battery contactor failure. AC failure. Large screen computer failure. and front drive axels replaced due to vibration under acceleration. All were fixed in timely manor at no cost to me. Very happy with the car and enjoy auto pilot. Battery shows 253 of 256 highest at 100%.
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    Our one year anniversary is today! And it was so fitting to drop off my P85D at the Fremont service center for her Ludicrous upgrade. Given a loaner P85+ with a VIN around 37K. My car just passed 10,000 miles. Only minor issues; 2 handles replaced after they stopped responding to touch to present, original cable came with crocked contact so I couldn't charge her first night home and one FOB battery replaced "sooner than expected." If anyone gets me talking about my car it's hard to stop. I love the ride, the handling, the acceleration (see handle), the silence, the autopilot and the zero emissions. We've only taken one trip from SF to Mendocino but now have plans to take the family to San Diego in June. We might have to subject the kids to a stop in Hawthorne....Thank you Tesla!
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    My car will be two next month, 21k miles. Perfect until a battery heater left me stranded half way home from mammoth ski trip. Tesla went above and beyond to make the best of the bad situation. Will be ordering a 3 in a couple weeks. Don't feel as safe driving any thing else.
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    "Don't feel as safe driving any thing else." +1
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    I just passed 60K miles the day before my car's 3rd birthday. I had many early problems, but not much happening in the last year. The original A battery was replaced at 25K due to contactor problem with a refurb'd B. Recent range charges top out around 249
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    Dec. 2014 Model S @25,000 miles VIN 46xxx, only had the 12v battery replaced and 1 year service performed. No other issues.
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    Hey, @sbeggs, My Model S is almost the same age as yours. Mine is 31799, and delivery was March 13th, I think.

    At delivery, there was a clip broken on a wiring harness in the door, so auto-present handles wouldn't present. They fixed that in the first week or two. Then, it didn't need anything at all for the next year and a half. At that point, I had a rear window motor regular that had gone out. I'm going at the end of April for the two year service.

    I also got it fairly basic, with no air suspension and no pano roof, because I didn't want those maintenance hassles, being 300+ miles from a service center and planning to own the car for a very long time.
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    Oh, and I am still on my original 12V battery and drive unit!
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    March 2014, about 30K miles. Original Primacies look good. Minor issue with pano roof at first, fixed, no more troubles. Did the LTE upgrade, and happy I did. Minor injury to roof and paint near it when something blew off a truck in front of me, fixed good as new. I supercharge on our frequent trips to Portland, and had my son install a 14-50 at his home there. Like the other commenters, 90% charge remains stable at about 235.

    I continue to love everything about the car, feel better about life when driving it. Appreciate the stream of OTA upgrades, didn't think the auto garage door opening would be a big deal, but I really like it. Reminds me daily how cool the car and the company are.

    If I weren't such an old guy and new grandfather I might well take a dive into a P85D, having driven one recently. But I'm as happy with my 85 today as I was when I got it.
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    And to be fair about initial problems, the car is normally in San Diego in a garage, so the battery heater failure may have been an initial quality problem but was not used to find the failure until it spend some time in the snow at the two year mark.

    Also original 12V and drive unit but with most options on a standard 85.
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    spent, not spend...
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    @sbeggs - Congrats on two wonderful years. I've loved hearing about your road trips.

    To all the others with anniversaries, congrats as well. It's a pretty fun topic to talk about, especially when you hear the number of miles.
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    3.25 years. Sure there have been issues. All door handles replaced, some wind noise, failed window and some others. Throw in a gratis flatbed from Mojave to Barstow when the entire town was without power! But the SvC experience has been totally worth it! Who calls the manager of a "dealership" their friend?

    I sure spend a fair amount on tires, tho. :-)
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    Our S85 GRN EV's 3rd birthday is tomorrow, March 16th. The odometer currently reads 77,264. We have had a few problems with door handles that were quickly fixed. I did mention to service once that I had occasionally felt the "clunk", but that it didn't bother me, (my wife never heard or felt it) and they replaced the drivetrain without being asked at the same service visit. When issues are resolved quickly and without cost, it is hard to criticize Tesla for any of the above. We live about 3.5 hours from any service center, but fortunately I bought unlimited Ranger Service which they honor. That said, we try to not use that service and try to schedule service appointments, annual and otherwise, with times we will be in Sacramento or the Bay area. We have lost about 3.3% of our range if I go by ideal miles. Absolutely wonderful car. Wouldn't mind having AP though and 4wd as we do live on dirt road in snow country.
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    Mostly 85's reporting here, so I'll chip in with a 60. October 2013, 22,000 miles. Only issues were the cockamamie magnet on the charge port door (they replaced the whole door) and the 12v. Most options on car. So...light use compared to some. It would be interesting for the company to compare problems with 85's vs. 60's, see if 60's in general have had fewer problems (although a door handle is a door handle).
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    Mine is yet another S85 2 year anniversary this month, and kindrid in spirit, having ordered few options to keep it simple. Tech package, yes, but no pano, no P, no air suspension. Low mileage (11,000) and only glitch has been an upholstery clip that needed re-seating. Only sign of aging is a reversal - freedom from the usual stresses of ICE maintenance makes me feel younger.
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    Sadly, I've noticed a change in my acceleration (not as quick), color fading (mainly on top), sensors are less effective and sound clarity has declined. But, my 1 year old S85D (on March 31) is better than ever. ;-)
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    Jeez, you got me, @Simply Red. Clever.
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    My S 85 will hit its second anniversary next week with 29K miles racked-up... Yes, I've had a 'milling' drive unit last year, and a couple of other issues, all promptly corrected by the Costa Mesa service center... :-)

    The only bothersome issue is the persistent loss of RM range. I'm not usually one to fret this stuff, but with max down to 235 miles, it's gotten my attention... And with many long trip legs, noting has been reclaimed, even with Tesla's direct input... At my request, Tesla has reviewed this at each visit and so far they haven't called it out-of-spec. ...Not yet.

    Still the best vehicle I've ever owned (by large measure). :-)
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