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The T turns Six...Any Signs of Aging?



  • The T is back home, with new Continental TPMS system installed, tires rotated, and Tegra daughterboard warranty item fixed. Thanks, @Bighorn et al for your helpful comments and guidance!
  • Great to hear, which SvC did the work?
  • San Diego Kearny Mesa. Good communication and service.
  • Now if I only could edit the original post!
  • > @sbeggs said:
    > San Diego Kearny Mesa. Good communication and service.

    Only 3 hrs away...I'll keep that in mind, thanks...
  • So, marking the T's 7th birthday on March 12, 2021, I will make this last post before this old forum becomes read only. End of an era. Car still working beautifully with its new TPMS Conti system!
  • Tomorrow...
  • Happy Seventh Birthday, T! Hoping for many more years together.
  • We wrote a thank you to Mike Cornwell, as we do every year, to remember the day he delivered the T to us. Now he is the delivery manager in Carlsbad CA!
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