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The T turns Six...Any Signs of Aging?



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    Thanks! Like you, we just replaced tires right under 25,000 miles.

    So far, only issue was one door handle replacement.
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    S85 Just over 2.5 yrs now, and 121,000 miles. 90% battery charge is 221miles.
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    Five p.m. car is done!

    Right front door handle replaced again!

    Everything else checked out perfect.

    Will look at invoice later and see what they did on the T.
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    sbeggs | January 25, 2017
    No! We love our Classic S85. Interested to keep it for many years to evaluate how it holds up.

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    Mine turns 4 on March 19th. Vin 7xxx, 68000 miles. Funny how I never bothered to remember the "birth" dates of our other cars, but I love this car more than any I've ever owned!

    We've had several issues, but most were fixed under warranty. We were able to use our referral credit for the last two which were out of warranty:

    One door handle didn't present when touched.
    Another door handle had a problem which caused the rear passenger door to pop open every time I unlocked the car.
    Left scroll wheel on the steering wheel broke and couldn't control anything.
    1st motor was replaced due to the milling sound at around 50k miles.
    2nd motor was replaced after developing the clunking sound a few months later.
    17" touchscreen developed a 1.5"x 0.25" air bubble so the display was replaced.
    There was leaking in the rear tail lights so they were replaced.
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    Nice, @sbeggs!
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    Ordered P85 Oct. 2012--delivered Jan. 2013 Vin 5xxx. Some early issues (year 1):
    70 mph humm--replace drivetrain
    replace glue on sun roof (this was an early problem)
    replace defective charge port

    Since 2013--nothing. Still grinning--best car ever (50K miles)
    Current battery estimates--lost 3%
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    Congrats! I'll be at year 4 in August... Currently at 56,000 miles. So far so good! :)
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    My March 2014 S85 VIN 33XXX with 61,000 miles is doing great. Like yours, I had a passenger handle that would not retract and the milling sound DU replacement. Some adjustments to calibrate the sunroof. Still smelled like new until recently -- maybe it was the wet skis in the back that created a little too much moisture inside.

    I have a 72 month lease and hope to keep it for a year or two after payments are complete. Very dependable, never strands. 90% charge is around 232.

    Only issue is the arrival of the car correlates with some insomnia. Maybe it's the bluelight interior that is keeping me sleepless after driving at night.
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    2 year old p85d on march 11 2017 with 36,550 miles:
    some front seat wear.
    some rattles in the front door panels
    but im sure that will get addressed on the upcoming service.
    I've had a string of items addressed over the last two years, (pano, rear motor replaced, air suspension, door switch, signal stalk, folding mirros, etc), but service has been good for the most part and I have never been stranded anywhere so that is great news. A lot of pro-active replacement of parts.
    no worries while under warranty and the car drives really well right now.

    extended service agreement?
    im still on the fence about whether or not to get the ESA if my annual mileage goes down a lot, i may consider it for the piece of mind.

    anyways! i cant believe i missed her birthday. thanks for the reminder. she's going to get cleaned reallllly well tonight
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    My s85 will be three next week with nearly 53,000 miles. Multiple early issues:
    1) Bad passenger seatbelt sensor turned off airbag
    2) Computer lockups especially when nav was active causing lock ups and reboots of both screens. Eventually replaced around 10k miles.
    3) New tires
    4) Cord overheated and melted at the plug
    5) Few handle issues I think two have been replaced.
    6) Drive unit replaced around 40,000 miles I think due to whirring noise

    Full charge 257, 90% varies day to day from 227-233.

    Basic S85 with only tech pack. Love it and very happy with the purchase.
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    Oh and I'm opting to not buy the extended warranty. I'm gambling on < $4,500 in repairs over the next 7 years.
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    On October 23, 2013, we took a test drive of a Model S. And our life changed! Hard to believe it was 4 years ago already!
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    Note change to OP. The T is in for its Fourth Annual Service, the last of the pre-paid services.
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    My S60 just turned 5 this month. Still keeping me grinning and saving me money every day. Just love it. Best car I ever owned.

    Had a few problems early on; 1 failed door handle, a 2nd with blistered chrome, a click in the steering rack and a loss of ability to Supercharge. All happened in the first few years and were fixed quickly by Tesla, under warranty, while I drove newer Tesla loaners :-) The things they replaced at annual services are innumerable; bumper bolts, lug nuts, etc, etc, etc. Things that weren't even broken, but Tesla thought should be upgraded to current spec. I've owned a lot of cars but IMO Tesla service leaves every other company in the dirt. I am 100% happy.

    The only things I've paid for are 1 set of tires and a bottle of washer fluid.

    The OTA updates have made it a much better car than the one I bought, and I was quite happy with it as delivered. Reservation # P 1712. Three years wait for delivery, five years rolling. Betting on Tesla was one of the best choices we ever made.

    BTW, I've lost maybe 1-2% total battery capacity in 5 years. The loss is so small I haven't even bothered to get a hard number. Oh, and mobile service came to my house and put a new 12V battery in a few weeks back. What a pleasure.

    My S 60 is pretty basic compared to current Teslas, but I have no plans to upgrade. I may trade for a model 3 next year, once I've had a chance to test drive one. Otherwise, I'll be keeping my 2012 S 60 for many years.

    Long may she run.
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    My S60 turns 5 this March 21st. Get 199 miles at 100% charge. Still shiny thanks to multiple opticoats.
    Aero wheel covers designed by me make it stand apart in a crowd!
    Best car ever. No issues for last one year, when they replaced the DU second time due to crickets noise.
    Love my Tesla.
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    Lush1 - only one bottle of washer fluid? Guess you only drive on sunny days? :-)
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    @barry - I also choose to ride my mistress only on sunny or dry weather too. She has been covered in snow just once because my other two ICE boxes stalled from drained 12V batteries and from the bitter cold a few weeks ago.

    I've never topped off any wiper fluids for her...
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    Although we appreciate the X we have been given as a loaner, we miss the T and can't wait to have our car back. Tomorrow?
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    Service complete! We will pick the T up tomorrow morning and test out the rebuilt drive unit.
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    Matthew - I just went to the (touchless) yesterday, as I was waiting for some warm, sunny weather. My car's color was pretty much unrecognizable for the last few weeks with a couple of trips up to the mountains to ski. I wonder how much weight all the muck added.
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    Hi @barrykmd, spring is coming soon!
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    sbeggs - Best time of year for skiing - March and April!
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    T is back home after fourth annual prepaid service.

    New drive unit revuilt with ceramic bearings, revision Q is smooth as silk, whisper quiet.

    We are studying the stats on alignment.

    Everything else was routine.

    We thanked them for Jonah the Loanah, Model X P 100D.

    And deposited another thank you letter to Lee Woolley, Service Manager.
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    Make that rebuilt!
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