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The T turns Six...Any Signs of Aging?



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    Took @Bighorn's advice, when drive unit starts chirping or making noise, replace with ceramic rebuild unit. He was right! Car is super quiet now, almost like new.
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    We have now both driven the T after drive unit replacement, and conclude, car pulls to the right, and requires realignment.
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    Wrote email to service advisor as we hope to get issue resolved before heading out with San Diego Tesla club to Palm Springs March 24.
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    My S85 is in its 4th year, rebadged to a 90 in January because of water somehow getting into the original main pack it has 40 k miles, very satisfied
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    That's great!
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    Mine turns 4 years old next week. I got a few things done about a month ago before I blew through my warranty of 50K miles. I got new sun visors because the plastic hinge was breaking on one of them. And hey! They are bigger than the skinny ones it came with--bonus! And I got my center screen unit replaced for air bubbles at the top. So while they were going to have that apart, I had them add the LTE cellular upgrade. And did the 4th year service to top it off. The P90D loaner had AP1, but I didn't get to play with it much because I had to get back to work.
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    Mine is one of the first 2014 with AP1 - Nov 2014 (VIN 605XX). 110,000 Km. (approx 66,000 miles). Had my share of issues, but still love it.
    Repairs: Drive Unit, Door Handles, Front suspension links (a few times), Water in tail lights, Power Steering (required tow truck), wipers motor, sun roof, brakes (replaced all under warranty), back suspension bushings and a few other minor things.
    Glad I took the extended warranty...
    Even with those issues, It's still the best car I have ever had!
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    Details of Drive Unit replacement P/Ns

    ASY, HARN, EPB CONNECTOR COVER (1030201-00-A) (2)
    ASSY, HV COVER, INVERTER (1003783-00-B) (1)
    212-B ATF (1031106-00-A) (2)
    ASSY, P-TRAIN, MECH, COMPLETE, RC (1002633-00-Q) (1) - presume ceramic bearing unit
    SIDE MOTOR MOUNT ASSEMBLY (1028034-00-B) (1)

    Silent running!
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    Q is ceramic
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    Thanks for confirming the ceramic bearings have Q revision, @Bighorn.
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    Happy Birthday, T! You've carried us for four wonderful years.

    What a journey it has been!
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    Visited San Diego Service Center today. Since Fourth Annual Service, car was pulling to the right.

    Techs readjusted toe-in, swapped tires left to right on each axle.

    Now, back to normal, neutral steering.

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    Were happy to drive as a loaner an April, 2018 build of Model S75D, VIN 248671. Very quick and planted.

    Did not care at all for the newest generation driver's seat. Bolsters felt like they were hemming and squeezing me in, compared to the nice flatter textile seats on the 2014 T. I had to adjust the seat way upward in an attempt to feel like I could see ahead but it didn't feel comfortable no matter how I adjusted it.
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    Happy Fifth Birthday, T!
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    4 years and 100000 and no major issues. Going in for 4 year check in 2 weeks
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    Today, March 12th, is the day my car was conceived back in 2014 and quickly grew to being a whole car 3 days later, on March 15th.

    I will be doing a 5 year run down of repairs and range loss soon. I took delivery on March 29th 2014.
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    Going on 5 years, most dependable car I have owned. They came to my work to swap the 12V battery, otherwise it has been smooth sailing.
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    Our 2013 Model S has been in the shop about 20 times for around 32 issues.

    Sunroof, creaks, door handles, A/C noise & replacement, Header malfunctioned, 12v battery replacement, main battery replacement, glove box, homelink failed, drive train replacement #1, chart port door, 12v overcharge, MCU freezing up, more door handles, rear and front passenger side windows not rolling up, side mirrors replaced... then again. TPMS issues (still ongoing), another 12v battery replacement, MCU (main display) won't take firmware so that's currently an ongoing issue, and the drive train now needs another replacement. Drive train has required lubrication a couple times.

    Most unreliable car I've ever owned (by a very wide margin) and only 60k miles on it. But at the same time, most thrilling car. I'm all-in on electric. Our Audi e-tron arrives in May.
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    Watch this about e-Tron charging starting at 8:30. Looks like they're planning to abuse the battery to try to keep up charging speeds.
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    @jq5073 - have fun with the etron. I hope you have better luck than you did with your Tesla.

    I have a 2017 Tesla MS and have had only the 12v battery issue which they fixed at my house. Granted, my car is quite a bit newer and about half the miles. We shall see how it runs in the long run. So far, it’s the most reliable car I have owned.
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    jq5073, where are you located? What is the full range of the E-Tron in EPA miles, because Audi seems to have gone out of it's way to not tell anyone on their U.S. website.
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    @jordanrichard - Pacific Northwest. I've never cared about range. The Model S is a daily driver for work, errands, etc. We've used superchargers exactly twice. If we need to go out of town, we go ICE or we go by air. Still, I think they're somewhere in the 200+ mile area. A lot is happening on the e-tron still so details are still working their way public. At a recent dealer event, they had the cars there but they still hadn't been certificated for US roads. Part of this may be the mileage rating, so it could still be forthcoming.

    It's an interesting question, though, because the decision to go ICE was always a mission consideration as well. We'd never take the Model S to the mountains to ski, camp, kayak, etc. We do that with our Q7. So the e-tron suddenly opens up the mission and we'll have to re-evaluate electric for that stuff.

    @Bighorn - Definitely something to watch and consider if using fast chargers. Hope Audi pays attention to this, of course! We've only used superchargers twice. Otherwise, at home charging is perfectly fine for our mission and we can't run 150kW from home. :)
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    Your Audi dealer told you that your E-Tron will be here in 2 months? It's not even available in Europe yet, if it were, there would be all sorts of videos by actual owners.

    Well per the E-Tron website where they boast about reaching 80% in 30 mins, in a comparison graph with the X and I-Pace, that "80%" is only 160 miles which works out to only 200 miles with a full charge, in a vehicle that has a 90 kwh battery.
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    You know what they say about the first year production car of any brand. You're just a beta tester.

    Heck you lived that life with the MS. Now you're going to repeat the same experience with the etron?
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    Bump, to get ahead of the spam
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