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The T turns Six...Any Signs of Aging?



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    Thanks for your service, @jordanrichard!
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    Interesting discussions. Thanks, everyone, for your reports. And, happy upcoming five year anniversary to @jordanrichard's Model S!
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    Mine turned 6 years old last month. Initial "teething" issues were immediately taken care of by Tesla and were never a problem. It's been maintenance-free for the last two years or so. I haven't even taken it for inspections. The range loss was slow and minimal, stabilized at about 6-8% after about three years. It's an original 60 (not a limited 75), and at the "daily" setting, it has been charging to 173 miles - unchanged for two or three years now. No rattles, same performance - essentially indistinguishable from Day One. Actually, I need to rephrase that: With all the upgrades, it's better now than on Day One!
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    Glad to hear your report!
    Miss your collection of Supercharger videos, I found them so useful before leaving on a trip...
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    I was all in for all the prepaid annuals and the ESA (extended service agreement). I bought a 2012!! No idea if there were going to be dealers, nor Superchargers.

    Cost wise, barely good for me, drive wise, epic win.
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    Just traded in a 2013 S85 35,000 miles - with parking sensors and cold weather package. We had no problem with the car over 4 years. After the fourth year we decided to go for a 2 year extended warranty. Paid off handsomely as in the latter part of 2018 and early 2019 we had to have the following replaced: MCU, Rear driver's side air suspension unit and new drive unit. We have owned a few Model Ss since early 2013 (first VIN ending in 45XX) and this one (VIN 21XXX) was the first to have serious problems. The others have never had a problem. Tesla took care of these items quickly - service was excellent - Tampa Florida service center.
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    The DU would have been covered anyways, so that has no impact with the extended warranty.
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    Happy 5th!
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    My Model S100D built Sep 2017 with 10k miles. Vin 217xxx.
    Hope I'm not jinxing myself. Nothing wrong. At 1 year service,
    Tesla tweak front end alignment. I do have minor problem with
    yellow border around the 17" monitor. On waiting list for replacement.
    That's it. Battery holding charge.

    Now my 1 year old Model 3. Different beast with many more issues.
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    2013 85S 71,000 miles

    On my 3rd drive unit.
    My battery pack was sent to Freement, CA for 3 months for service.
    Many more problems than I care to list.
    It’s stiil my favorite car to drive of the 6 vehicles in our family, but quality is not quite there yet.
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    Had a 2016 Model S70 for 30 months. 39k miles. Never took it in for service. at about 25k miles it developed a small compressor fan squeal that prob could have been fixed but I imagine it was a bearing and nothing crazy.

    It had OEM tires on it and I did 1 rotation at 20k miles and at 39k miles tires still had life.
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    Appreciate all the varied reports. Thank you!
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    I thought I'd update the forum on my 2013 classic S60, VIN 9,xxx, red, coil suspension, black roof, tech package, leather. I am now at 6 years and 50,000 miles. My prior post was on page 1 of this thread.

    Year 1 - 4, my first 34,000 miles, two 12V batteries replaced under warranty. Front fender side repeater turn signals both developed rust and were replaced under warranty. One key had the roof button come off and was replaced under warranty. Referred my dad into a 2016 software-limited S60 which he later upgraded to a 75.

    Upgraded to lacewood yacht floor, and slipstream wheels from the original split spoke base wheels.

    At 4.5 years old, or 6 months out of warranty, the 17" touchscreen developed a bubble. Referred my friend into a 2017 X75.

    At 5.25 years old, and after declining V8.0 software on a daily basis for many months, the car would no longer allow me to decline/postpone V8.0. I could no longer exit the software upgrade pop-up, and consequently could not use the touchscreen. Took the car to service for them to do the upgrade; since I had declined it for so long, I figured there were lots of interim updates, and I was worried they wouldn't install themselves properly. Took them 4 hours to do all the installs up to V8.0. Also at this service visit, the roof button from my second key broke off and was replaced.

    At 5.5 years old, or 45,000 miles, got some sort of leak in one of my original tires, which I had intended to replace after just a little longer, once I got to 50,000 miles. Found out the hard way that Tesla doesn't tow out-of-warranty cars for free, and also doesn't offer a wheel loaner service in my area. Towed 50 miles to the nearest Tesla service for new Eagle RS-A tires, the OEM at the time my car was built. Visited the Tesla Factory on a trip to California. Very cool tour, highly recommend!

    At 5.75 years, got a message that the 12V needed replacing, and the "tire pressure system needs service" alert was constantly being displayed. Went to the service center for a new 12V and to upgrade to the new Continental tire pressure system, which displays the tire pressure in each tire in real-time. This upgrade also put me to V9.0, which I had been declining just like I had V8.0. V9.0 also somehow cleared the 12V alert without replacing the 12V. Also around this time my screen, now bubbling for over a year, began leaking adhesive out the bottom, which was very bothersome. The bubble had grown from an eighth of an inch at the top of the screen, to fully covering three sides of the screen. The good news at this time? I paid off the car loan!

    Last weekend, at 6 years and 50,000 miles, and after seeing reports online of a new touchscreen design, I went for the screen replacement. I also thought 50,000 miles would be a nice round number to have my first-ever maintenance service done, which included battery coolant, drive unit fluid, brake fluid and A/C service/desiccant.

    Total costs of 6 years & 50,000 miles of ownership:
    Touchscreen replacement $1401
    50,000 mile maintenance $749
    One set of tires $906
    Tow to get new tires $360
    One key case $43

    Tint Windows $197
    Install dashcam with on/off switch $85
    Lacewood Yacht Floor $749
    Slipstream Wheels $1685
    Continental Tire Pressure System $1040

    Overall, I'm very pleased with how well the car has held up. It has been very cheap to operate and maintain, with the exception of the touchscreen, which I do not feel should need to be replaced for the lifetime of the vehicle. Also really happy with the upgrades I've done, which admittedly were pretty costly. The new tire-pressure-in-each-tire is great, and I really prefer the lacewood yacht floor and slipstream wheels. Here's to another 6 years and 50,000 miles.
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    Made appointment on the Tesla app for service bulletins, steering bolts and air bag replacements. Good correspondence with Dave I of San Diego Miramar service center discussing other possible service items.
    Arrived this morning 9:30 as scheduled, but wasn't in computer.
    Scott B got the paperwork reinitialized, and we drove away in Model S75D, VIN 281238. Enterprise loaner which we are referring to as Loan Star.
    So far, so good with service.
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    sbeggs - On a Sunday?!
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    Hi Barry, it is funny, as their PDF service order paperwork claims they are closed on Sunday, yet was staffed by two people in the office, had a valet outside the service door entrance, with eight cars waiting with plastic numbers on the roofs.

    Two hours after dropping the T off, the app shows the car moved inside to the middle of the shop, frunk and trunk open, and temperature cooled from 97 down to 88.

    Apparently, the other San Diego service location is the delivery center, and deliveries will be moved to yet a third location. The main shop is the Miramar site where the T sits now. Our respected service manager, Lee Woolley, heads up both of them.
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    Excellent result for today's service, in and out in one day with all concerns addressed. Will update original post up top after I parse the service order comments. Will be writing a letter of praise to San Diego's service manager with the names of those who helped us, as I did each year before this one. With everything that was done, we consider this to be the T's fifth annual service.
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    Updated original post with yesterday's fifth annual service items. First time paid out of pocket, $273. Had originally prepaid $1,900 for first four service visits.
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    Palm Springs Tesla Service replaced our 12V battery this morning. First time it has been replaced. 69 months. 35,303 miles. $205. Tesla says they are producing their own batteries in house now, after switching from Bosch (?) and another early marine lead acid battery supplier.

    Then we headed for Palm Springs Supercharger, in Museum garage, to try it out. Nice and cool.

    Happy Veterans' Day.
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    Sbeggs, you only have 35,303 miles!!! In going on 6 years?
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    Yes, you are right. Steve is 88, and has slowed down lately, so long trips are off the table. Also has some health issues dragging him down, so we just hang out in Desert Hot Springs or near home. Nothing is forever, but we still enjoy the car!
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    Driver's side door handle stuck in open position today. Mobile service will come Tu Dec 10 early am. Hope they can take care of it quickly and without a high cost.
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    Sbeggs, if you are fearing a $1,000 bill, fear not. I had to have my driver’s handle replaced several months ago and it was something like $500.
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    @jr, I see what you did there. ;-)
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    Mysteriously, driver door handle cured itself, and fully works. Tried canceling mobile unit via Tesla app, just outside of 72 hour cancellation window. Wouldn't let me, and although I have emailed guys at San Diego Service, I cannot reach anyone there by phone, as I do not have their extensions. Robotic nature of interface doesn't allow me to get this done. Frustrated.
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