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The T turns Six...Any Signs of Aging?



  • Parts 398
    Labor 248
    Governor Malloy 40

    August 2018
  • Mine is still a toddler at 5...used, resold by Tesla, nothing major reported by prior owner IIRC....

    1) Charge port (gasket) Mobile left brake lights disconnected.

    2) Turn signal module

    3) Airbag and steering bolts recall.

    4) Sunroof chatter, unrepaired

    5) HV pack contactors failed

    6) 12 volt batt failure, caused by above.

    Many missing threaded and push type fasteners from pulling the pack. Pack vent covers still missing.

    Damage to dash trim caused by service during airbag service. New rattle in dash.

    Wheel lug nuts deformed. Addressed by hand torque with deep 6 point socket.

    Frunk fasteners and Dual Lock attachments missing. Fixed with new parts installed per 3M instructions. (Firm pressure for 60 sec, allow to set 24hrs)
  • Thanks, @Bighorn , strange difference between labor times three. Our estimate doesn't include the four sensors. What???
  • It’s a different sensor, so they need to be changed out, as you’ve heard.
  • Sensors were $70 each on my invoice. But they did include plastic caps...

    I also got 4 new tires at the same time - I don't think they discounted the sensor install labor even through they were already charging me to dismount and mount new tires.
  • Guys, thanks! Probably they forgot to add the sensors. But there is enough labor to cover the missing parts cost, bizarrely. Wonder how many hours it will require, looks to be three hours or so.
  • sbeggs, my car turns 7 this coming Mar. 16th. That's when it was completed, getting into my hands 13 days later.
  • @jordanrichard, our cars came from the same “batch”, almost! Each time I see your name, I think of this.
  • Tesla Service added the four wheel sensors for the Conti TPMS upgrade, bringing the total to $1,000. Will have the Tegra warranty work done at the same service visit Jan 14.
  • @sbeggs
    Did they say whether it could be done by a ranger?
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > @sbeggs
    > Did they say whether it could be done by a ranger?

    I would tend to think not.

    SB and multiple posts on TMC indicate SvC visit is required for daughterboard replacement.

    Hope they don't give @sbeggs a bandaid like clearing home directory.
  • @Bighorn, @Aerodyne , yes, they said we must bring the car in. They ordered the Conti kit parts, as well as Tegra daughterboard, the latter as a warranty item.
  • Looking for advice, I want to change the title to The T Turns Seven, and edit the original post, but I can't tell how to accomplish that. Thanks!
  • Thanks.
    Not sure it’s an option.
    I had MCU replaced in my garage, but I suspect the daughter board requires desoldering.
  • @Bighorn, makes sense.

    You are saying, I cannot modify thread title nor original post?

  • That’s my understanding but I haven’t looked into it.
  • @Bighorn , oh no!

    Looks like the T will be six forever, and never age!
  • The service center has the parts for Conti upgrade, but not Tegra board yet,
  • All set for both Conti upgrade and Tegra board replacement for tomorrow. It's also my birthday! We are nutty to want to celebrate it by visiting Tesla. They will need car for at least two days, due to workload.
  • Congrats on hopefully beating the recall rush.
  • No recall to date.
  • Tesla predicts tomorrow at 4:30, we will have the T back. I predict Tuesday! We have a white Model S 75D loaner from Enterprise.
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > No recall to date.

    The pre, potential recall rush then...
  • T work almost complete, but will not be able to pick up until Monday.
  • But, the loaner! FUSC? Road trip?

    Might take the sting out of any disappointments come Monday...hope you get everything resolved though..
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