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Tesla, please mark your "LINE UP HERE" Zones

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Some stores have multiple entrances. I just want make sure we all get to queue up in an orderly manner, no Black Friday Walmart chaos. It would be nice if number tokens are passed out and we go from the line when the number is called.


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    I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed.
    When You see lines outside the Apple Store, it's because people are waiting in line to actually " get something".
    Nothing to get here. No need to wait in line. You'll be standing in the cold frigid rain, the other guy is at home, has pajamas on, is in his lazy boy, wearing his Mickey Mouse slippers under a cozy blanket sipping a latte placing his order on his iPad.
    I think I prefer the latter.
    Let us know how the lines go.
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    David N, I don't know about you, but the idea of ordering my Tesla on April Fool's Day is much less fun than joining a possible party at the store. I'm also a stockholder, so I'll be very happy if the lines are long, and, EVino, with any luck the managers will have thought of something. That's what they get paid for.
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    @David, I'l just copy paste my other post:

    "First-in still has a correlation to first-out in made-to-order manufacturing. On the contrary, waiting later increases your odds of getting the car later, and consequently, increases your odds of no longer qualifying for the fed rebate. If you don't care about odds or time, then by all means sleep in."

    I also want to be with the tribe. It's an emotional experience. Let's go!
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    Just talked to my sales guy in Florida March 31 the stores are closing between 12-1pm EST

    At 1:00 they start taking orders in the store. Online ordered don't start till April 1

    Orders made March 31 will be the first to start configurations. They will have stanchions so you will know we're to go
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    Well, live concerts are the same thing! Why go to the show when u can pick up the live CD (do people still do that, haha) and listen to it in your dwelling, free from the energy and 'liveness' of an actual show.

    "Why go fly a kite, when u can just pop a pill" - Kramer

    I'll be there for these reasons. The internet can capture only so much of the excitement. just sayin'.
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    Yah why go to the store or even bother ordering online. I am sure you will be able to watch the whole thing play out of YouTube!
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    I've already been to my local mall with a Tesla display, and scoped out the entrances to find the one with the shortest and most direct path. I will go there on the 30th to check in and get the details of when to be there, will they hand out numbered tickets, etc.

    I want to be first in line, anything less and I will not be as happy about it.
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    A Chinese copy will be available before the real M3.
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    @David N

    Believe me a lot people would be overjoyed just to get an early reservation number. You know the saying it's the journey not the destination? S release was a significant event but only to a very small class of people. Years from now people will see the Model 3 release the real historical event that changed the world. We can all help to give it a good start and hope Tesla will do a perfect execution.
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    I would like to start a spreadsheet so everyone can plan their day on 3/31/2016?

    Would you care to fill that in?
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    David N = Idiot!

    What is the point to your post again?

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