Did the VIN number print on your CO tax form DR0617?

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Just printed out my tax forms and noticed that on line 4 of DR 0617 (Innov Motor Veh Credit form) a square followed by a horizontal line printed instead of the VIN number. Anyone else notice this?
Guess I can just hand write it in, but I'm wondering why it didn't print. Ideas?


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    I should have mentioned above this is with Turbotax.
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    I used TaxAct and it did print. When I actually filed, I also had to send a proof of purchase with registration to Colorado Department of Revenue otherwise, my claim "could be denied". I just attached a PDF through TaxAct system and they should be taking care of it.
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    Turbotax said to include the Bill of Sale. Nothing abour registration. I'll send the bill of sale and we'll see what happens. I don't care how long it takes because I adjusted my quarterly estimateds down to account for the $6K credit. I'm still due a $700 refund which I'm having them apply to the Q1 estimated payment.
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