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Reservations of Model 3 for those attending the unveiling

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Here is the response from Tesla to my inquiry regarding how those attending the unveiling can reserve a Model 3:

You can reserve at the event itself, but if you'd like to secure an earlier reservation number then I'd recommend you visit one of our local LA Tesla stores on the morning of March 31st as they will start taking in-person reservations then.

If you are staying somewhere near the airport, then Santa Monica or Century City would be the closest stores.

Let me know if I can provide any more information.



Louise Bristow | Manager, Consumer Retention and Engagement
Tesla Motors, Inc. | 3203 Jack Northrop Av | Hawthorne, CA 90250
c 818-398-8091 | e [email protected]


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    Thanks for sharing!

    In the past, reservations were done for previous unveilings as well but I wasn't there so I have no idea how they were done.

    Did they pass an Ipad while you were waiting in line of registration?

    Did they take the deposit at the same time as registration and would slow down the line significantly?

    Did they just have a dozen of computer terminals for thousands of people previously?

    Did they have a separate line for reservation?

    Questions, questions....

    I am not invited this time either so I won't know the answer!
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    Louise Bristow is awesome. She answers emails.
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    I thought owners get bumped to the front of the line anyway ... why would reservation number matter?
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    @Tstolz - Aren't there 150,000 owners? Even if 1 in 3 reserve a Model 3, that could mean a 6+ month span in production just to fulfill owner orders.
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    Wrong number. So far there are 65,000 Tesla owners (including Model S, X and Roadster).
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    But by end of 2017 there could be another 80,000 - 100,000 sakes of model S and X, leaving maybe 50,000 max with full $7,500 Credit, prigresiveky decreasing
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