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It's logically possible to process in-store orders as soon as stores open on LOCAL time

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It seems silly that East Coasters have to wait until 1PM local time because West Coast stores open at 10AM. Why not let them start reserving in-store as soon as the stores regularly open at 10 AM local time and just put a timestamp offset at time of reservation? It's a logical queue and the database software can order it properly across all time zones, i.e, PST, +1, +2, +3. As a programmer, Elon would probably agree with this idea. It also makes common sense. Why shrink the window of opportunity in the non-PST time zones? Think of the economic cost for those folks that have to take additional time off from work. What about the economic cost to the country because no one is working, they're all at the Tesla store? Tesla Sales is overthinking this time zone stuff.


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    with some saying Australia gets first bite
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    Is there actually any reason to think that ordering an hour earlier will result in an earlier place in queue?
    Or any reason to think that orders placed in a store during the day will be filed with an earlier place than orders taken online after the unveiling?

    There is a commonsense assumption that placing an order in the store two hours before ordering online opens means being ahead in the line, but my guess would be that the reservation placement we get isn't based on reading timestamps down to the minute. Is there any way to find out?
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    @Son of a Gunn

    Info is very fluid in Tesla and the words of mouth has been very useful.

    Please add your 3/31 plan of reservation to the community spreadsheet at the bottom:

    Initially, it was California-centric time.

    However, today, 3/22/2016, Fremont, as well as reports from calls to local stores, has now confirmed that local stores do not wait for 10PDT any more.

    Please use your usual local independent store time.
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    Looks like the reservations begin at 10am local time on the 31st.

    I read the article on Teslarati today and called my local service/sales center in MA this morning (half hour ago) to confirm. Guess I take the first half of the work day off, instead of the second half. :)
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    First to reserve just gets you first to configure, not first to get your car. I think many people are stressing too much about their position in reservation queue.
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    I'm just mentioning to figure out the schedule for the day, including other (lower) priorities (like, I need to get wife back home in time for my son coming home from school).
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    @jordanrichard, your logic is strong. Who knew there wasn't a correlation between reserving early in the West Coast resulting in configuring early with all options resulting in manufacturing early and finally resulting in getting it delivered early. Call me crazy.
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    Local time makes perfect sense considering the queues are per region. California buyers are going to get their car before Florida buyers anyways, so it really doesn't matter if they put in their order 3 hours later.
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    There are so many ways this could go when it actually comes time to start delivering vehicles that I doubt we'll really know by next Thursday how important lining up for a reservation really is.
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    PhillyGal +1

    Yep, we won't know if reserving early will make much difference.

    But it will be fun and unlikely to hurt your chances. :-)
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    As long as all the RED cars are at the front of the line...

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    @joe - I think the stores are going to be like a party all day long. I really would have been at mine with bells on.
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