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Background: I live in Omaha, of those whom have barred Tesla Direct Sales. I'm thinking of having some custom work done to the Model 3 (can't decide on 31 March drive to KC or 1 April reserve online)...Tesla has stated that deliveries will be prioritized to west coast, then midwest, then east coast...if I'm planning on getting work done (a wrap and custom wheels) on the west coast, would my delivery be prioritized if I gave them the custom shop address instead of my home address?

Anyone ever done anything like this (had car delivered directly to bodyshop instead of home)? Recommended or no?

Also, anyone else travelling down to KC from Omaha on 31 March? Carpooling is a plus for me.



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    @bwonga1 - remember that 3/31 is a RESERVATION date only. You won't be asked to option the car or specify any delivery information or anything other than you're interested in buying one when they start actually taking orders, which could easily be 18 months or more.

    Reserve your car now and worry about when it's going to be delivered when the time comes.
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    @bwonga1 - I don't think you can have the car delivered directly to the body shop. Assuming only, but the reason is because you still need to have the registration paperwork done before you can give to body shop, as well as Tesla not taking liability before you signing for it. Again, only assuming.
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