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Ordering Multiple Model 3s

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Are we going to be allowed to put down deposits for multiple Model 3s on the 31st?

If it is allowed, how would priority be determined if I'm a current owner? Does only one of the orders get priority treatment, or all of them?

Darin Kaplan


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    Unless there's a new rule, multiple orders for 1 person was not a problem.

    Your multiple orders are categorized as "owners" so they all are prioritized over "non-owners."
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    What about purchases for immediate family members (children, parents etc)?

    Would those be allowed to be titled properly?
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    Tesla quite frankly probably doesn't care. Besides, by the time the whole title/registration issue comes up, the car would have been built and on its way. They are not going to send it back to the factory because you crossed some threshold.
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    If spouses' names are together, then they are both classified as owners.

    If only 1 spouses' name on current Roadster/S/X title then the other spouse's name is not "owners."

    Since, Tesla has classified "owners" vs "non-owners," it's possible that they want all new orders in "owners' " name not "non-owners' " for the 31st rush.

    After the 31st rush, I suspect they won't care how many cars for how many different names and who pay for what as long as what name you see on a deposit is what the title will be.
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    There was a report a few days ago that folks would be limited on the 31st to 2 reservations each. No independent confirmation.
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    One more thing about different names and signatures that I need to clarify even after the 31st rush:

    I don't know how the in-person deposits will be like.

    Tesla wants a reservation holder to sign the agreement.

    If you want to place a deposit for another person, I doubt that you can sign the "agreement" for someone else'.

    You can create an account for anyone you want online. The online click is an electronic signature for that person.
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    danCE- The Raleigh NC SC said they would limit reservations in person to 2 per person- any additional reservations would have to be online. They will only accept credit cards for deposit. It may vary by SC but the limit of 2 seemed to be related to keeping the line of people moving. Probably need to check the parameters at your local SC.
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    I talked to my local SC about half hour ago. The rep said he hadn't heard of limiting reservations.
    Seems like this could be dependent on the centers. If you plan on reserving multiple, just call and find out.
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