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Can I own a Model 3 While in a Condo

I live in a condo that doesn't have EV compatible charging stations. I have contacted the building managers to determine if I would be able to install one in my parking spot. I haven't received an answer yet but it doesn't look good. Does anyone have any experience with this?


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    Of course you could. If your HOA is not open to installing a charging spot for you, then you would rely on public charging via stations like charge point or Tesla destination chargers, or superchargers if there are any nearby. Download the Plugshare app to see what is available in your area. For instance, my town has 3 public J1772 stations and they are all free, with plans to install more in the next year or so. Check back as the M3 is years away and more charging stations are being added all the time.
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    It really depends on what state you live in. In some places, they are obligated to work with you. In others, they aren't. You might ask your employer and see if you have a better shot at getting that as an employee benefit. An employer can gain more by offering it than it costs to offer it. It can attract employees and make the company's image look better.
  • In general, Condo managers won't install a charger for you and when they do, the cost per use is usually exhorbitant (eg $0.49/kWhr) because they get fleeced into thinking they'll make a killing off of you by a slick-tongued salesman from a charging infrastructure company like Chargepoint.
    In general, you're better off trying to get an electrician to run a conduit from your electric service panel to your parking space (you may need management to assign you a particular space which could take some horse trading with other residents)
    The biggest challenge I've found is when condos don't have enough electric capacity built in to even handle another user. I'm familiar with a condo complex near my house where the main transformer barely is sufficient to handle 75 amps per unit. There really isn't capacity to add a charging station without spending a lot of money to have a crane put in a new transformer from the utility to the tune of over $10K.
    While this money isn't much if spread over several drivers, its a lot for the first one to be able to handle.
    I recommend you look for a creative electrician in your area to work with.
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    Have you looked into the Destination Charger program from Tesla? I don't know the details, as I haven't required it, but that may be a good option.
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    Owning a Tesla in Brooklyn

    Will Schenk March 10, 2016

    "I’ve owned a Tesla in Brooklyn for about 10 months now. This is what I’ve learned so far. A Tesla in Brooklyn isn’t that hard."

    I made sure to ask about charging plans before I bought my new place. They already had plans in place, so it was not a concern for me. We'll see when they get installed....
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    I'd do the math. How many miles do you need per day? Can you plug in at work. A regular 120 volt plug will give you 4 miles an hour. Over 12 hours that's 48 miles. Given a Supercharger nearby for fast too ups, most people would be fine.
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    You will need to make sure you're near nice neighbors. Kids will tend to unplug the car on you too.
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    I costed a NEMA 14-50 out for a parking space in a first floor garage. $1400

    May you and can you are two different questions. The Condo Board may allow you too install an outlet but maybe you can't afford it.
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    I live in a condo. Installed a 208V NEMA 14-50 in my deeded parking spot. Took about 6 months of HOA BS to get approval. I paid for the installation in my deeded parking spot. I (over)pay a monthly flat fee for electric usage, as it's connected to the common area electric panel. The only thing I'd do differently, if I had to do it again, is install a submeter and pay a fair price for the juice.

    P.S. I'm in Colorado, where there is a state law requiring HOAs and landlords to accommodate EV owners' needs at the owners' expense.
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    Thanks everyone for the responses. I will probably rely on the public charging stations nearby until I can come to an agreement with the condo board.
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