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When will Model 3 be available if you don't reserve?

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Hi all,

I can't decide whether to reserve a Model 3. How much sooner would I get the car vs. not reserving and just going out to buy when delivery starts? I have a lease on a Nissan Leaf through Dec. 2018, so reserving might actually get me the car sooner than I need it. I would really like to time the end of the lease with a new Tesla. Should I reserve or not?

Sorry if this question has been covered already.


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    It could take months or it could take a year. It's not something that anybody can answer. But you can look at what's happening with the Model X. Tesla is still not taking orders on line, and it still comes down to reserving it instead of putting down a deposit. The list is so long that Tesla isn't currently interested in making it longer. They will certainly take your money, but if you want to go to a showroom to test drive a Model X, keep in mind that they have them in very limited numbers for customers with reservations whose turn has come up and want to test it or choose options. You can't simply walk in off the street and ask for a test drive because they will be too swamped to deal with somebody who didn't put down a deposit when there's a long list.

    Even with the Model S, Tesla still wants you to schedule a test drive rather than walk in off the street so they can assure somebody will be available. When the P85D came out, I asked if I could test drive it and was told that they really couldn't do it without me scheduling it. I mentioned that I expected as much but thought I'd ask since I was there anyway and had my car in for service. At that point they decided to make an exception. And that was with a backlog of a few months.

    With the Model 3, I expect interest to be very high, and it will appeal to many people who would love to get a Model S but can't or don't want to spend so much money. The potential customer base is much larger.

    None of this is arrogance on Tesla's part. They will simply be overwhelmed for a long time and will have to prioritize things. If you want to wait until the car comes out, your best bet might be to find an owner who can show the car to you, and then you can add your name to the list.
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    xmecha, If you don't want your car sooner than Dec 2018, then you won't get it before then. When one places an order, they can specify what month they want the car delivered. This tells Tesla when to actually build the car.

    Basically, I would highly recommend you place your on line order as soon as you can. This is get you ahead of the line with regard to when you will be bale to configure/order the car.
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    It is refundable anytime you don't feel that the reservation is needed. It is also possible that you can wait to place the order and still keep your reservation valid for a while as in the case of the X.
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    Place the reservation as soon as you can. As others have said, you can specify when you want the car to be delivered and also defer configuration if you need more time, or even cancel all together and get a full refund. Also, unless you're going to order a full-spec model 3 and live on the west cost, and already own an S or X, then you're still looking at an extra several months after first deliveries anyway. So I say go for it.
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    Elon has said that the Model 3 will be much easier to build than the Model X, so I don't think the Model X is a good comparison. If there are over 100K reservations for Model 3, I'd assume it would take at least a year to build all of those as they work out the kinks in the assembly line.
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    Even if you reserve day 1, when it comes time to configure they will almost certainly let you defer delivery to a date of your choosing so I say go ahead and reserve.
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    @Chunky's assumptions are as good as anyone's. Based on his model, if you place a reservation in a month or two, you might get a car in early 2019. If Tesla delivers first production in 4GQ17, and produces 100,000 cars in the ensuing year, by the end of 2018 they could have more than 100,000 additional reservations, and so on. It could be 2020 before production catches up to reservations so that you can simply place an order as you now do with the MS but not the MX yet.
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    Play it safe ... put down a deposit so you have the option to accept the car earlier! I'm an owner, I'll order in-store on Thursday .. and I don't expect to receive my M ☰ D until mid 2018! And that's if everything goes well!!
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    OP: If you mean 'available' as in, walk into a Tesla Store, plop down cash, and drive away in one, as if you were buying a Chevrolet Malibu...? Maybe sometime in 2019 or 2020.
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