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Pre order amd configuration/option change?

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I plan on being at one of the south bay store on the 31st to put in a reservation or two. Tesla is too close to home for me not to consider buying one.

However, this will be my first tesla experience. Nothing has been revealed about the car. I'm going to buy a car that i have no idea what it looks like let alone options. Being there on opening day will give me very little time to decide what option i want. I'll probably have a hard time on color choices as well.

Once i make my reservation, can i change my mind on any of the options and colors after?


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    It's a trick Question.

    Short answer is yes but the correct answer is it is a wrong question.

    It is call a refundable "deposit" or "reservation."

    It is not an order nor an option.

    You cannot order it any time soon.

    The earliest timeline for ordering is when it will come out on December 2017 or 20 months from now.

    TWENTY MONTHS from now.

    Then you might be able order options and colors if and if it's on schedule.

    As long as you don't "order" that means to choose color as you mentioned, then your deposit is refundable.

    From now to 20 months from now, no one knows what the colors are and how much do they cost, so your deposits are refundable at any time for a long long time.

    Why does it take that long?

    Because this coming Thursday evening, you'll be able to see its protocol online.

    Then it has to go through a series of revisions, Alpha testing, Beta Testing, safety testing and so on...

    I hope this makes sense.
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    I'm hoping 20 months is on the long end of things. I assume they'll want a decent number of configured orders placed so they can start determining actual production queues. If they are expected to start producing in late 2017 I would expect that, depending on where you are in whichever queue you're in, some people may start configuring by the middle of 2017. Of course you may still end up waiting another 6 - 8 months though for actual delivery.
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    You will only be reserving your Model 3. You wont be buying it. This is just a reveal event where prototype will be shown. Final options of the car will be revealed around 2017 end. After that, you will be invited to "configure" your car in order of your reservation number. You will choose battery size, colour, interior options etc only and only then. On 31st you give your $1000, your personal details and then you go back to your home. That's it.
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    To prep for my next Tesla I opened "Model 3" labeled Bank account. Putting in $2000/month will provide enough money to pay cash in 18 months. Then any incentive will be returned to that account for fun money.
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    thanks guys, that makes sense now.
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    dannieboiz, what you did is what a lot of people are doing and that is thinking in traditional terms, when it comes to buying/ordering a car. So, the confusion is completely understandable. I mean, when was the last time anyone had to reserve a place in line to buy a car that is "for the masses"? It is utterly unprecedented that people are literally camping out to place a deposit on a prototype and they can't even do that until Thursday.....
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