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Baffled by reservation system

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Hi folks,

I have difficulties to understand this reservation system. Not the mechanisms of it but the aspect of priority.
Despite what I can see on the Tesla locator map, I have no store in Quebec City (we have an icon showing a "store and gallery" but the Montreal store confirmed to me that they are the only place to take reservations in person.

So, as a ICE owner, I would have to drive 2x350km to get to the Montreal store just to make that deposit if I want to have a better place in the delivery line-up. Plus the day off to take, just for doing the trip.
This appears to me like counter-intuitive (even if I understand the fact that already owners would make a big tally this day near the store), especially just for a better delivery #.
Are we sure that's the only advantage of going in store ?

It's not because I am far from this store that I am not a bigger fan of Tesla than the others, so i feel like being "discriminated" (note the "").

Is there any way to improve this experience ?


Edit : Montreal Store told me that the number in Quebec City is just for Model S tests drive reservations. So one person, no store or gallery.


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    If you don't think it's worthy of this sacrifice, I personally don't think it is, then just get up early in the morning of 4/1 to go online. You're not forced to do anything you don't want to do.
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    The standardized rule for reading Tesla location is:

    If you cannot see a physical address, there is no way you can pitch your tent to camp out for the reservation.

    Quebec City and as well as others in the USA do have a phone number, some even a personal name of a rep, some even with an e-mail address, but they don't have a street address.

    That's because they have not settled in 1 specific location yet.

    In the mean time, they would find a temporary space for a day for your appointment, test drives, deliveries...

    In a very rush day, they need to consolidate all personnel so all those who staff there need to help out in real established branches.

    There is no discrimination here.

    Canadians are not the only one who drive far distance for a Tesla branch. USA citizens do too!

    Apparently, you have not signed up for the community worksheet to see how everyone is going to do for the 31st:

    You would read that user called "Trips" will drive almost 400 mile round trip from Omaha, NE to Kansas City branch.

    You would be able to read that "GROG63" made a dry run about 500 miles round trip from Rochester, NY in advance last weekend to scope out the Cleveland-Lyndhurst, OH branch.

    The best way to improve this experience is to volunteer and help Tesla out.
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    I am planning to go online, and from the answer of Montreal store I can do it on march 31st evening even :" Tu pourras faire une réservation en ligne sans te déplacer mais seulement à partir de 23h30". (11:30PM EDT).
    Hopefully the website won't be crashing.

    Maybe i'm just being rethorical here, but the gas expense and ICE use seems not very economical and ecological (i.e logical) to get a Model 3 and starting a new life in drving electric.
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    Agreed. That's a very good decision in your case.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Online reservations begin at 8:30PM PDT on 3/31. You could just stay up late and reserve one online.
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    Chances are that if you wait until the online system opens up, you will do fine. Deliveries will be prioritized by region, and for those who are taking delivery near the store and gallery near you, chances are few will make the trip to get their reservation down sooner. Even if they do, Tesla will wait until they are ready to ship cars to your region and try to schedule them for a time period rather than sending out a single car and then doing things piecemeal, so it might make little difference. If Tesla gets to the point that they are ready for your region and ships out 20 cars, yours might still be among them or you might be a bit later, but it's not likely that it will set you back by a whole lot.

    Even if people get higher on the list, there will still be a matter of logistics so that person might have to wait until your car is ready so Tesla will have enough demand to load up a truck or train or arrange transit to that area.
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    Ph03n1x, you are getting some terminology mixed up for starters. Placing a reservation/deposit only gets your name on a list. Where on the list you are will determine not when you get your car, but when you will be able to configure/order it. That is all. When one gets their car as it stands now, is based on how many options you get ($$$$) and where you live. Tesla has already stated that West Coast cars will be delivered first, then mid west, etc. I can only assume they mean fully optioned cars, then start over again with lesser optioned cars.

    The other part of this is that Tesla employees have already been given the opportunity to reserve theirs, and next in line as appreciation for our support ($$$) early on, present owners have priority in the reservation queue.

    Basically what I am saying is save yourself a trip and reserve it on line on April 1st..
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    Jordan +1
    very clear on the terminology--which has become the center of confusion for many
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    "So one person, no store or gallery."

    So.... You never heard of "a team of one?"

    <img src="; width="640"/>
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    Hehehe, yes team of one is a very acknowledge concept :)

    @Jordanrichard thanks for clarifying this terminology, I have indeed mixed up this delivery line-up thing.

    However as people have stated, I will save myself a trip, but then I do not understand why Tesla will told folks to go by their stores altogether if the configuration module release will be from west to east.
    I could agree that those store invites would be for present owners for a VIP treatment and then be there "on invite", but for non-owners, it fells like overkill and overall the reservation experience (with that amount of people planning to camp) may not be that good (and more with a in-store presence of few minutes just to reserve and bye-bye its done).

    that's my brain trying to understand something that should appear simple, but it doens't want to be
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    They have people come to the stores so that it generates press coverage and excitement - but mostly press coverage. If they can get the local news to show people standing in line as if for an iPhone they can generate interest and hopefully sales from people who otherwise might not have either cared or noticed. Which is not only good business sense, it is also in keeping with TMs stated goal of generating interest in EVs.
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