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Loan for Tesla 3 in Netherlands

Hello. I have average salary in Netherlands. The thing is that i have 1000euro for deposit.
But, i never bought anything really expencive, i dont know what ways can i do in Nethelands.
Do I have to take a loan for the car from bank? Or is it also possible through Teslamotors?
My budget ( money after paying, rent, insurance, food, etc) is 800 euro a month.
I guess its enough to buy Tesla 3 right?
Any opinions? Advices?
I am 99% sure i need Tesla3 for my life. I am willing to do anything for it.


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    Things may be different for Netherlands than in US (where I am), but right now it is only a reservation to a spot in line for "buying" in the future (18-24 months out). You have plenty of time to get your finances and these questions answered.

    To try to answer the questions, Tesla has partnered with other financial institutions (banks) for loans. Tesla team makes this process very easy. I'd assume that 800 euros/month is more than enough for the model 3, but that will also depend on the amount of options you'd like to add.

    Lastly, I understand that Netherlands has many incentives built in for EVs. You should look into this.
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    Keep in mind that Delivery of the first Model ☰ to the Netherlands could easily be 35-to-40 months from now. So you could save €28,000-to-€32,000 before the car arrives. I'm certain with that much cash on hand, someone would be willing to offer you a loan with good terms. Good luck!
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