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Reservation glitch

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So I reserved a Model 3 in store at 8am UK time this morning. Thing is when I received my email confirmation I have reserved 2 cars and had 2 amounts of £1,000 taken from my account. Think this may be a glitch.


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    Not sure if this is a glitch. You should contact the store so they can investigate and refund one of your deposits if you are only reserving one car. Something may have happened and you might have mistakenly placed two orders instead of one.
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    Also, it depends upon how your financial institution handles transactions. There may be a 'reserve' amount on your account, along with the actual 'charge' amount. If you received two separate Registration Numbers from Tesla Motors though...? Yeah, you've ordered two cars somehow.
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    Regardless, you can cancel a reservation at any time according to the agreement. So it doesn't matter why it happened since Tesla will fix it.
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