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What is required from Current owner to book Tesla Model 3?

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My cousin is a current Tesla S model and he is willing to give me the invitation for Model 3.

Now here is the problem.
He is in Florida and am sure will go to bed by 8:30 PM (11:30 his time). So I need to get the details from him before he is offline. What is required from the existing owner to book a Model 3 from him (VIN number, name, etc) or Do I need to ask his Tesla Login?

The second question: If I wait until he wakes up tomorrow, Will I still have priority at all? (goal is to secure the $7500 rebate)


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    If it is booked under his account the tax credit belongs to him.
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    Rebate for 7500 only good for first 200k vehicles sold in USA By Tesla Motors. They probably have sold over 65k in the USA of Model S, X and Roadster so far, and expect at least another 40k this year for Model S and Model X in the USA, so by the end of 2017, when the first Model 3 is sold, the full 7500 rebate may only be available to the first 50,000 sold of Model 3, but the good news is there still would be a phase out and a 3750 federal rebate over the next quarter. I would guess that if you wait till tomorrow I doubt you will get a full rebate, based on the waiting lines in the stores today(over 30,000 people in line worldwide) according to another post on this forum.

    Tell your cousin to stay up late if he really wants the car. He can always cancel if he does not get the rebate and get a full refund. Also, Reservations are starting at 10:30pm not 11:30pm. based on Tweet by Elon. So not really a late night if he can log in but I think the Tesla Servers may overload.
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    u need to get his tesla login and book from there.
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    As long as you book with his email address and name, it should be fine. Reservations aren't transferable, but Tesla should have flexibility in how the car is registered. In my state, I'd put it in two names and then have one removed from the title at a later date. I can't say what would work best for you.
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    @drosner89 you are partially right, but it is better than you have detailed.

    There is no hard cutoff at 200,000. The 200,000 number is a trigger. The calendar quarter in which 200,000th EV is sold, triggers the phase-out, but both the triggering quarter and the following quarter still gets the full $7500 credit. The next 2 quarters get half ($3750) and the 2 quarters after that get 1/4 ($1875). Guestimates are that Tesla will likely hit the trigger in either Q1 or Q2 2018, which means that the first 2 or 3 quarters will get the full credit, and some credit will be available through mid 2019.
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    You need HIS cc number. Has to match email.

    Still Grinning ;-)
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