Model 3

No Email?!?

So like many of Americans I stood in a line to reserve the car, and paid the $1K but for some reason I have not yet gotten an email from Tesla. Should I be worried? Has this happened to others? Whom should I contact for help? (Yes, the money has been charged to my account.)

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    My Sales Associate said emails would go out tomorrow... I have verified my bank account online and $1,000 is missing,
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    After seeing the live event, we really want that car! Like you guys, no e-mail yet. My credit card still says "pending", which doesn't exactly mean that it's been charged, but I'm hopeful all is well. I do think they could have handled this aspect of it better but, at the end of the day, the car looks awesome and that's all I really care about (as long as I am in line to get one!)
  • the same happen to me no e-mail
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    Also no email after putting down deposit this morning, sure hope the reservation number is given by time purchased not when email goes out!
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    I was displayed message after reservation that i will get email with reservation info.
    how come tesla has no system in place to acknowldge the reservations.
    Tesla you need people like me to put system in place for such a historic event for the company.
    you can build fantastic machines, but you need to take care of loyal customers as well
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    No email for me yet either, but card was charged and I can see my reservation on My Tesla page. I think the servers and notification processes were overwhelmed with the response. I think everyone's place in line is fine.
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