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Oh Yes! Model ≡ is Unveiled

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Just finished watching the reveal. It started almost right on time. Big items:

1) Supercharger capable
2) 5-star rating in all categories
3) Fits 5 adults comfortably
4) 215 miles of EPA range
5) $35K base price, but "It will still be a great care w/o any options."
6) Auto-pilot hardware included on all versions; all safety features included (so there will be "convenience" upgrades)
7) Showed dual-motor config in the video (was not mentioned though)

Other items:

- 115,000 reservations in past 24 hours was announced during the Reveal! Elon tweeted at 19:27 Pacific that reservations had hit 232K!
- 15-inch touch screen is mounted in landscape; no driver's dash screen like Model S/X (yet?)
- Roof is made of continuous pieces of glass to give head room and sense of space; Event driver mentioned body color, glass and able to open options
- Has a trunk, not a liftback/hatchback (see below)
- Looks pretty cool w/ no faux nose cone
- Manual recessed door handles (see below) — that's why they have a little part on top, so your thumb can press the handle up
- Gigafactory is already in production
- Base version 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds
- Doubling world-wide Service Centers to 441 by next year
- Doubling world-wide Superchargers; 3608 Superchargers today -> 7200 by end of 2017
- 4x Destination chargers; 3689 Destination chargers today -> 15K by end of 2017

All of the performance and range specs are goals that Tesla hopes to exceed.

Best of all:
ELON: "I'm pretty confident they'll be ready by end of next year."

From Elon's Twitter Feed:

Q: "Why small trunk lid instead of big hatchback like S&X? I ride a bike not a surfboard :) "
A: " Only way to get enough rear passenger headroom was to move the rear roof cross-car support beam. A bike will still fit no problem."

Q: "What is Model 3's aerodynamic coefficient?"
A: "hopefully 0.21"

EM: "Model 3 will be RWD, with dual motor AWD optional. Even RWD will have great traction on ice due to fast torque response of Tesla drivetrain."
Q: "Reveal cars were AWD?"
A: "yes, but production AWD will be a lot faster"

Q: "~5k upgrade like on model s for dual motor? Or less since overall cost is lower?"
A: "Less"

EM: "Wait until you see the real steering controls and system for the 3. It feels like a spaceship."

Q: "Really hoping back seats can fold down on the 3."
A: "They can. Will be great for road trips and camping."

EM: "Edge and contour refinement are ongoing. Even 0.1mm matters."

EM: "Air suspension dynamically adjusts ride height."

EM: "Our production ramp plan should enable large numbers of non X/S customers to receive the credit.... We always try to maximize customer happiness even if that means a revenue shortfall in a quarter. Loyalty begets loyalty."

EM: "There will be an optional tow hitch."

EM: "Matte black was surprisingly popular. Probably makes sense to bring it to production."
Pictures of some features

Manual Recessed Door Handles:
m3 manual doors
m3 manual doors

Back/Top Glass:
m3 glass back

Trunk Getting Opened:
m3 trunk opening

Opened Trunk:
m3 trunk


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    And it's gorgeous!!!! wow i'm in awe. I can't wait for my new car! ;)
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    Glitch caused two posts. Here are some other comments:

    diegoPasadena | March 31, 2016
    Pretty much what I was hoping for!

    gordon.photographer | March 31, 2016
    I though the screen looked more like the current one only horizontal rather than portrait.

    - Larger carrying capacity than any other car with the same external dimensions....i like that as someone who will be coming from a VW Passat Estate.Station Wagon.

    mbb | March 31, 2016
    Autopilot included with base model
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    Autopilot *hardware* included with base model. That doesn't mean it will be activated for free, though. Elon was carefully parsing his words, basically saying that the *safety features* of autopilot hardware would be included in the base model, but he didn't say you could drive hands-free without paying for an upgrade.

    I'm not complaining; in fact, this is exactly what I would expect and am happy to pay for an upgrade.
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    Auto pilot hardware installed with autopilot safety features ( emergency stop, blind spot etc.) but autopilot will be an extra! AFAIK
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    Didn't he say Supercharging was standard? I thought he did.
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    Yes, he said supercharging was included, which implies to me that it's a no-extra-cost feature. But for autopilot, he just said it was AP-capable, which I assume is an extra-cost option.

    Either way, I'm happy to pay extra for both if necessary. I have a 40kWh S right now, with no supercharging, and no autopilot, so the 3 will be an upgrade for me.
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    I'm fine as long as the large screen is there.
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    It is definitely a mini MS, except, I hope they change the nose. There is just a lot of nothing going on. They should put the model X nose on it. I know it may change by 2017, but that nose needs to be changed. Also I have never been a fan of instrumental panels being in the center of the dash.
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    Supercharge capable, doesn't mean it won't cost.
    By then it will be snake compatible.
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    Elon had previously said that it would have free access to the charging network. Now obviously that mean free use, because a man or woman walking a dog has free physical access to a supercharger. So free access means free use.
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    Beautiful car. Well done Tesla!! And the interior is cool.
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    The difference between this and other cars that do 0-60 in 5.9 seconds will be the responsiveness, and it will feel faster since it will move faster from a standstill.
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    Elon said there will be versions that will be "much faster". That must be the base, no frills model.
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    And when he says under 6 second it probably be way better than 5.9 second. More like ~5.5 second which is my guess. That is enough to blow away all non-M BMW's off line.
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    Electrek had a leak that pointed to a Model 3 variant that could hit 60MPH in under 4 seconds. If so, that's absolutely ridiculous for a reasonably compact luxury sedan -- although I wouldn't be surprised if that meant paying between $50K and $60K. Having said this, my outgoing car couldn't even reach 60MPH in less than 10 seconds. This would be a significant step up, to put it mildly.
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    < 4 second 0-60 for $50K would be pretty amazing.

    I think the Model 3 looks great. I bet it looks even better in person. Tesla did a great job so far with it - I'm sure there will be lots and lots of tweaks.

    The only disappointing thing about reveal was that they didn't give more specs about options and things like that. Guess there will be plenty of time to speculate more until they give us more info in a year or so.
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    The language around "Supercharger Capability" is interesting. Elon went on to say something along the lines of
    "Supercharging is necessary for freedom to take long trips." I'm not clear if that choice of wording means they will charge for it, but all cars can upgrade at any time or if they just used a strange phrase to say Supercharging is included.
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    I'm assuming Elon meant that SuperCharging is included out of the box. It would be pretty lame to say that it includes SC but with a giant asterisk that an extra fee is required.
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    I really liked the design. Very well done. Subtle. Interior seems to be what I expected: simplicity but good finishing, good quality. Great work Tesla. Can't wait.
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    It's great that there is nothing crazy or gimmicky in there that would make it hard to build. Seems like they learned a lesson from Model X.
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    That was a much better event than the model X fiasco. Started basically on time, good pace, good message, and the cars looked great. Way to go Tesla!
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    Tried re-watching the video, but the server is overwhelmed. It takes about four seconds to download a second of video. I'll double-check some numbers in the morning. I hope that by then the server will have "cooled off" at least a little.

    BTW - Google Trends has Tesla, Model S, Model 3 at the top
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    Elon was introducing the broad concept of M3 and took orders to build.
    The broad idea is that all Models 3 will be Supercharger friendly. But as in all concept cars the cost and certainty of options is vapour.

    There will be lots of options:
    .Hook up to AP at any time (cost) as hardware is incl in all cars
    .Speed options: cost
    .Hatchback: standard no cost
    .Many versions: cost
    .$35k basic model. Press doesn't go wild with extra cost options
    .Hookup to supercharger probably a once only charge, as Tesla cannot be a licensed seller of electricity at the 'pump'.

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    It will be available in RWD and AWD. It was confirmed by several employees at the show (and to Motor Trend). The versions they had for test driving were the AWD (dual motor) version.
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    And I have a challenge: To think of a way the Bolt is better other than being on sale sooner.
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