Model 3

Cheap Skate

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I suppose that is what this iteration of a Tesla amounts to: a cheapskate.


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    well it is April 1
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    You do know, these are THE prototypes? - WORKING,, prototypes!
    These demos were to show that the M3 is a working concept car and were shown to quell the critics, albeit, somewhat.
    Remember that the MX, changed several times before the buyers received their models, and I'm sure there are some rough edges that will be addressed.
    If I were a betting man, I am sure Tesla will listen and offer to buyers a car that meets their expectations.
    Tesla is offering CHANGE, please help them, don't shoot the messenger.
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    @BozieB : He's playing off the term "skateboard" that Tesla uses to describe the foundation of the car (i.e. the car without a body).
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