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Autopilot vs Autopilot Hardware vs Autopilot safety

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Since there's a lot of new people to Tesla and the forums, I thought it would be worth explaining what was announced at the reveal last night in regards to autopilot on the 3.

He said that the autopilot hardware and the autopilot safety features come standard. That means that the camera(s)/sensors/radar(s) will be in every Model 3, and that the safety features that help the car avoid accidents (auto braking, side collision avoidance) will be active on all cars as well.

However, full autopilot is a software feature that will be an extra option. This is how it is on the Model S and X as well. Every car is made with the hardware, but if you want the software you pay the $2,500 option when you buy the car, or $3,000 upgrade later. It could be different pricing on the 3, but we'll just have to wait and see.


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    He also seemed to chose his words carefully with Supercharging. The car may be able to supercharge, but there may be some initial or per use fee. Never did he say free supercharging for life, like with the S.
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    Proven, thanks for pointing this out. I see the media has already misreported this, or at least not reported it clearly.

    Don't be surprised if there are multiple levels for the model 3. Example: Autopilot Safety (standard), Autopilot Convenience (option 1) and Autopilot Autonomous (option 2).
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    Elon said all Model 3s will come with Supercharging capability - it is built into the price you will pay.
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    Elon has been known to say misleading things in the past. I don't think it's intentional. But he's been bitten on the ass a few times by things he 'promised'.
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    CraigW, come with supercharger "capability", that just states it's capable of being supercharged, it doesn't say it's included for free. With the Model S, the point that "FREE" supercharging was included on all 85 kwh batteries was hugely emphasized. Elon never said it's free. There will almost certainly be an additional cost.

    When you compare how much more car this is than the Bolt for $37,500 or even the BMW i3 for $45,000, not even in the same zip code, Tesla can't give away everything. The fact that he's giving away the Autopilot safety features is a big bonus, but Tesla thrives on being able to brag that it builds the safest cars in the world, so occupant safety was something Elon was willing to part with at no additional cost.

    Beyond that, you'll get an amazing looking classy car with a mass produced electric motor, mass produced batteries, thanks to the gigafactory, 5 seats, basically an over-sized iPad attached to a pedestal, a steering wheel, four wheels and tires, brakes, most likely AC, Heating, power windows and doorlocks and the minimal software package necessary to make it go and stop. Still an amazing car. But if you want all the Tesla goodies, price is going to be much higher than $35,000.
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    @2>1 nailed it. Tons of people will not want to pay the $2,500 cost of Supercharging ... nothing is ever 'free' ... it will most certainly be an option! Imagine 5 years from now the number of non Tesla DC charging stations ... people who don't travel much may decide to forgo the Tesla Superchargers and just use those for their occasional trips!
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