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Unveiling Initial Impressions

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I tried posting this last night but there was such a load on the servers that it timed out and never posted.

Is it just me or do Tesla's big event presentations really suck? They could learn something from how Apple does it. It was barely 30 minutes long and the actual cars only appeared in the last 5 minutes. A few camera go-arounds and that was it. Done. No details or proper interior shots. No lifting of hoods or trunks. As some have noted, the red car was obviously more of a model that an actual driver. The visuals behind Elon were pretty good, especially the schematics.

I guess the difference is that Apple has the details ready and the products are either immediately available or will be within a month. With the Model 3, a lot of this apparently has not been worked out yet.

Kudos to those forum members who predicted that Supercharger access and Autopilot will be included on all cars. I picked up RWD and dual motors as options. A single piece of glass forming the windshield up to the central cabin cross member, then another single piece of glass framed up and forming the rear hatch. So a panoramic roof but no operable sunroof.

The front of the car will take a little getting used to. I'm sure it will be refined considerably over the next 18 months. The dash is an interesting concept. If they really go without an instrument panel behind the steering wheel then I bet we end up with a Heads Up Display (HUD) - one of the secret plans that Elon is keeping for a later reveal.

It's taller than I expected; sort of half way b/w a conventional sedan and a crossover. Not sure what an actual crossover will look like. Maybe they decided to do just one car instead of separate 3 and Y models. It'll be interesting to see if they meet the .20 drag coefficient number with a car this tall.

Still, I liked it a lot and glad I stood in line for 2+ hrs to place a reservation. My wife didn't hate it, which is a good start, since it's going to be her car. Lots of time to work out the details.
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