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I'm concerned about the glass roof--I have read that it does have a UV blocker, so you won't get sunburned. But, for those of us who live in areas with a lot of sun all year round, I am wondering about how hot the car is going to get when parked as well as the load on the A/C when driving. Does anyone have any thoughts or information on this?


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    My Model S has the pano roof with the standard UV tint and I live in Southern California. Never had a problem with heat.
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    - You can find videos showing how a light sensor drops as you raise/lower the window ("Surface Temperature Test of Spectra PhotoSync Performance")
    - Lots of posts on this topic in both Model S and Model X (volkerize "UV pano roof")
    - Posters recommend coating/tinting side and windshield of Model S, but routinely skip pano roof because it is already blocking so much (I recall 95% IR)
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    I have ZERO tint on my car and have had no problems with heat at all. I did have a question for those that do: Can you still use the rear defroster if you have rear window tint? In the past using the defroster would cause the tint to bubble. Is that still the case?
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    I was wondering the same thing and glad to hear it isn't a huge issue.

    Assuming that they may, like they did with the S, decide to roll out a body color roof (option), I wonder if they might (did they with the S?) offer a small scale moonroof like in other vehicles. Perhaps that would be a good and well established (not the Tesla way, I know) compromise for a vehicle which may spend more time parked on the street than its predecessors. Theft deterrence and snow removal (does that scratch the glass?) are concerns above and beyond the heating/cooling/wind noise (non) issues.

    Thanks for bringing this up!
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    There have been times I took road trips and the temperature outside was well above 100 degrees F. I never noticed the heat until I got out of the car. That's for the Model S with pano roof.
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    I suspect that all Model ≡'s will have the glass roof. Also if you look closely at the roof, there is a very large sunroof built in, though that may be an option. There is a separation at the top of the windshield and then across the roof, above the B-pillars. They may have devised a method to slide the front panel back without a track like in our Pano roofs. It is the only thing I can think of for why there is a clear separation in the glass roof.
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    In one of the YouTube videos, the Tesla demo driver was asked about an interior cover for the roof and he mentioned that they were planning this as an option.
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