Model 3

Anyone receive the email but not have an RN yet?

Got my reservation confirmation email early this morning about 18 hours after I reserved it at the Palo Alto store. Still no RN as of 32 hours after reservation. Anyone else in the same boat?


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    Yeah just got an email with the RA pdf. So we should be getting another email?
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    You need to make a My Tesla account then go to your homepage. If they've assigned you a RN, it will be there.
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    I received the confirmation email and have an RN.
  • Thanks for the info. Found the RN on my home page but I don't think it matters all that much since I recall reading something that said that Tesla has the right to set what ever priorities it likes.

    Prior owners go to the head of the line, then West Coast buyers sequentially to the East Coast. Not sure how Europe and Asia will be handled but I image there will be separate lists for them.
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    You need to make sure that the email address you used when you reserved the car yesterday is the same one you are using for the forum. Mine was not, but now it is.

    If your email adress at reservation is diff than your forum email address do this:
    1. Log out of the forum/mytesla
    2. Go to login page and click on forgot password.
    3. Type in the email address you used for the reservation
    4. Check your email, reset password, then sign on using your reservation email address.
    5. You now can see your RN =)
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    I sat in line for 3 hours yesterday and got an email at 5am this morning with a reservation conformation. There was a PDF but it was only a reservation terms and conditions.
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    "What's Next?

    Your Model 3 was reserved on 3/31/2016. You'll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation"
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    Yeah, I am using the same email for My Tesla and the forum that I used to reserve it yesterday. This is very strange...
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