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What about Hawaii???

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From the Blog: "Model 3 production is scheduled to begin in late 2017. When production begins, we will begin deliveries in North America starting on the West Coast, moving east. As we continue to ramp production, we will begin deliveries in Europe, APAC and right-hand drive markets."

Where does Hawaii fit in? Will we be classed with foreign countries? Before or after Europe? Are they going to work their way around the world, thus serving us dead last, if at all? Or could we possibly be considered the extreme west coast? (Nah, I didn't think so.)

Sarcasm aside, it's hard to figure out whether Hawaii is being considered in the distribution plan at all.


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    My question as well. I see a lot of MSs on our streets, so we are not a completely insignificant market.
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    My guess is Mr. Musk thinks of Hawaii as a Polynesian Wonderland; no Supercharger expense.

    Mahalo. I think. ;-)
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    I hope we are considered in the west coast region as some business and government agencies do.
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