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Anyone concerned about dogs and model3?

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If the trunk is like that.. we wont be able to carry our dog in model3. It is a red flag for families with one or more pets. It is sad. If that not changes we will have to go back with the 1,000$ reservation.


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    I will do the same. If the way to open the trunk does not change in the final version as also opens the models I'll cancel my reservation.
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    I agree whit that comments but I have the certain hope that the final production car is as we wish and the model S but proportionately smaller the gate.
  • Same problem here. I hope that there will be an open space behind the seats so our dog can see and breath. The model S solution should be used for model 3 as well
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    In my opinion, Model 3 is the best electric car that can be made at this price point with a healthy profit margin. Also, Model S needs to be unique otherwise it's sales would fall. As of now, hatchback nature of Model S prevents a buyer to go to less priced Model 3 (assuming money isn't a constraint).
    Model 3 is advertised as an electric car that can seat 5 adult humans comfortably and can carry a 7 feet long surf board. That's how it is.
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    I think the differences between Tesla model 3 and Tesla model S are more than only the trunk.

    But, maybe they can mantein the design, and doing removable cover of the trunk, so dog (cat, etc..) would be with fresh air and in the same space as other passengers.
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    My dog will get the back seat-no kids.
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    I agree that the trunk is awkward but I personally never use the trunk. The dog isn't allowed in my car, but in my wife's car (Prius V) the dog is typically loaded in the back then she helps herself into the back seat by jumping over the rear seat. Half the time by the time you get to the front of the car, the dog is already sitting in the front seat.

    Tesla had to make some minor compromises to make that promise of "COMFORTABLE SEATING FOR 5 ADULTS" happen. They set the driver further forward that normal putting your legs into what would normally be where the engine is in a normal car. They put the passengers further back into where the trunk would be in a normal car. Add these two decisions together and you have more interior space because you stole some space from the trunk and the frunk.

    So your options are let your dog hang out in a very luxurious for the size of the vehicle back seat in you M3, or get a MS :)
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    I'll have to wait to see the final car before I make my decision. But no hatchback is a big negative for me. I don't need the extra trunk space often. But when I do... I do. It's been really handy in our Prius and Model S.
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    I'd think the hatchback fans will have their needs met by the Model Y cuv. It will certainly have a rear hatch and a cuv would be perfect for dogs or a little more hauling capacity. Same as the MS and MX, I would expect the sexy sleek sedan to be introduced followed by the more utilitarian suv. I would be amazed if the current car on display is changed to a hatchback that incorporates that fancy glass roof. Too many technical hurdles for this price point IMO.
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    so true, I could care-less about the large single glass window, I want a hatch!!! The trunk looks more use-less than the one in the new civic sedan
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