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Achieving perfection versus getting it sooner, what do you think?

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It feels like model 3 is at the moment when Tesla added Falcon wing doors and second row seats to model x. Plenty of improvements can be made on the current prototype, and people assume model 3 will change a lot from now on based on their model x experience.

Is model x approach the right way going ahead? Although falcon wing doors caused a lot of delays and made the car more difficult to make, it may very well be the right decision in the long term. It captured people's imagination. For model 3 I am sure Tesla has the urge to look for innovative solutions to address some of people's concerns.

But every feature creep from now on will inevitably cause delay and additional cost. Given the overwhelming enthusiasm, Tesla can just get its prototype finished up, get to market sooner, and iterate from there in the future. The goal of model 3 is always affordability and manufactability. Delivering the amazing driving experience and autopilot is already huge. They can just decide on the current design and move on.

Personally I think Tesla has learned from model X lesson and we are expecting too much change from here. What do you think?


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    I think you are right. Punch it out with only minor changes. Demand is fantastic as is. For people like me who want a hatch ... I can either wait for model Y or suck it up. Tesla has enough demand for M3 to create a hatch version as well by the look of it ... that would be another option .., but yes ... the priority is to get this car out!!

    The minor changes would be to refine the trunk and interior a bit. Maybe add in a small center display as an option or HUD.
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    I agree that Tesla learned a lesson from Model X.

    The Model 3 shown was more about form than function, and as it nears production, corners will be cut to lower the cost and simplify manufacturing. For example, I don't expect the final version to have a single pane of glass for windshield and roof, and the dash will change.

    They have to make this really easy, and inexpensive, to mass produce.
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    Agreed with both of you. The M3 already has a pretty sexy body. It will have the driveability Tesla is famous for. The 15' screen is miles ahead of competitors. It will have supercharger and autopilot capabilities. These will be more than enough to make most reservation holders happy. There is no need to add any more bells and whistles.
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