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What kind of effort would be required to make the Model S front fascia look like the Model 3?

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I'll speculate that the Model S refresh will bring it inline with the new front-end aesthetic. Retrofitting the classic Model S could bring an extra revenue stream for Tesla. The current Model S front fascia and nosecone are plastic. I imagine it wouldn't take much time and effort to retrofit.


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    There are people who like having a real trunk which provides more security for stuff you don't want to carry with you, like when you go in a restaurant or shop and there are other who just don't like hatchbacks at all. The advantage of a traditional sedan is you can put it valet mode which is not true of most hatchbacks. The problem with the Frunk is it is not secure. Luckily there are different models of vehicles for everyone's taste and Tesla is not limiting to just one style. The Model X and Model S were both hatchbacks. The next version after the Model 3 is suppose to be a small crossover and Elon has even mentioned he may even consider a small pickup.
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    Darryl, I don't know where you are getting your information from, but just to set things straight. One, Son of a Gunn said nothing about hatchbacks, but since your brought it up. Most if not all hatchbacks have parcel shelves or a privacy shade to hide one's stuff from view. So they are not less secure from prying eyes than a sedan.

    "...advantage of a traditional sedan is you can put it in valet mode"? Wwhat sedan do you know that has a "Valet mode"?

    "frunk is not secure"? For starters in order to get into the frunk you have to get into the presumably locked car.

    As for the question at hand about retro fitting the Model ≡ nose to a MS, anything is possible. The nose, like any car is plastic and is relatively easy to swap out. Though personally I think that would be ugly on the MS. That blunt nose on the M≡ already stands out, now imagine it wider.
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