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Are all Tesla cars now covered by 8 years unlimited miles?

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Guys, it seems now all trim levels of the Model S are covered by the eight year unlimited miles warranty?
Is that right? My gosh, that is great.

I do not think competitors understand what is against them. I imagine this Model 3 launch will put a serious pressure on BM3, Audi and Benz to offer more features even in the gasoline powered cars. The only reason one would spend US$35K+$1k(xeon)+$3K(AWD)+taxes to buy a mediocre 328xi is because the Model 3 is backlogged for nearly two years after production starts.


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    The 8 year/unlimited mile warranty applies on the Model S and X for the main battery and motors. The rest is covered for 50K miles/4 years. Unknown what the warranty for the Model 3 may be. Likely the same, but could be reduced or limited in some way to meet the initial cost objectives.
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    I don't think the 60 has unlimited mileage warranty. Maybe 150,000 miles?
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    By "now" I assume the OP was talking about cars that Tesla is making. That's correct for the battery and drive train, with a few caveats. The battery warranty is for problems with the battery, not normal loss of range. There's no reason to think that the range will be substantially lower after eight years, and it may not be to the point that anybody would be likely to need an extra charging stop on a typical long trip. But if that does become the case and it's not due to failure, then the bigger issue is what Tesla will charge to service, rebuild, or replace batteries as might be appropriate.

    And Bighorn is correct that the mileage warranty was never unlimited for the 40 or 60, but the eight year part was made retroactive for all vehicles.
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    I hope and suppose the maximum warranty would be offered for the higher end Model 3 models then. Thanks.
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    Put 8-year/unlimited miles warranty question in the "Part 2" bucket of hopes.
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