Model 3

Tesla's biggest challenge now

edited April 2016 in Model 3
Tesla needs flawless execution and manufacture.
We can't have 250,000 complaining on social media about doors, switches, rattles, not starting, leaks etc....
We need "better than" Toyota/Lexus quality build, we need all major auto reviewers to have this best in class, bar none.
I know Elon strives for perfection, I hope his suppliers can aim just as high and be held accountable. There is no place now for bad switches, motor humming noise, bad latches and such.
If Elon gets this right, it will be huge in seeing his vision come to realization. It will be an avalanche. If not, it could be years before confidence is regained, if ever.
It could be the huge change that we've all hoped for, or it could be the start of the decline of Tesla. Elon has stated many times that this is a critical time for Tesla.
My money (and prayers) are with Elon.
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