Model 3

Best commuter car ever, and so much more.

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I will be buying one to replace my i3. I believe it will be the best car available in it's price range.
I use my model s for trips and for carrying 4 passengers, and my wife and I use the i3 for local driving and going to work.
Model 3 has so much more to offer, and costs less too.


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    and except for the cargo capacity, the Model ≡ will have the same road trip capability as the MS. Long story, I looked at the distances between superchargers from Tampa FL to here in CT. The largest distance was something like 155 miles. Now, that is presently. By the time the Model ≡ does hit the roads, the gap ill be less. So, the M≡ will be able to go up and down the East coast with no issues.
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    I have a 90 mile round trip daily commute to work. When gas was at $4.00 per gallon, I was putting $600 per month in gas in my SUV. My gas bill alone will completely fund my Model3. For me, the Model3 is not just greatest commute car ever, by eliminating my gas bill, it will seem like it is free.
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    It won't be free when you pay your electric bill.
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    Solar already on the house. Not free but "it will seem like it is free."
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    Hubs has already started asking...

    "Soooo, Model 3 will be your car but will we like, still share?"

    In other words, he'll want to drive the 3 as well, especially because I'll probably get a performance model. I told him yes, we can share as much as 50/50. Of course, we only have one garage so we'll have to charge each every other night and our Ellie will have to learn to sleep outside some times.
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    Your solar install is purifying another 10KWH a day on top of what your household uses?
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