Model 3

One or two motors in prototypes? Dash?

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Did anybody at the Model 3 reveal look at the number of motors in each prototype there?

One or two?


Was the dash just incomplete?


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    I think the dual motor versions were in used for the test drives, based on the reactions to the acceleration. Dash was complete, but probably not final. I like it. Most people react negatively to things that are radically different, that is why the reaction tends to be 'huh?'
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    I heard the driver in one of the videos from the reveal rides say that the particular M3 they were in was dual motor.
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    For Model S, the dual motor provides more range, but is also more expensive. That must be an interesting problem inside Tesla. On one hand you want it to be as cheap as possible, on the other you want as much range as possible.
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    The dash is just a prototype. There are claims there were no air vents, for example. And I think that a button for hazard lights is required by law, and that was missing as well.
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    @cephellow - I'm not so sure. The acceleration in the Model 3 felt very similar to our RWD S85.
    A launch in a P90DL Model X was dizzying.
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    I saw some video of people getting in and out and driving Model 3. This would have been after the unveiling that started at 8:30 PM, but still looked light out.

    Did drivers have a long straightaway for 0-60 MPH?

    Did anybody crawl under Model 3 to look for motors front and rear?

    If the dash was "complete,", did anybody shoot a picture of the display with their cell phone? (I read cameras were not allowed.)

    Did you get to open front and rear trunks?
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    @flight505 "Did you get to open front and rear trunks?"

    I included a bunch of photos from some test drive videos in my "Unveiled" post:≡-unveiled-0

    There are other images, even some nice animated GIF files showing the same thing. The frunk is not in my post (yet), but TMC has some photos from the reveal event.
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    It was very clear that the prototypes used for the test drives were all dual motor systems. So they were AWD, had more power and a bit more range. They may also have had bigger batteries than will be found in the base car. In any case, I'm just glad to have some confirmation that dual motors will be available.
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    Oops forgot about that forum bug. Here is a link to my post <a href="≡-unveiled-0">Oh Yes! Model ≡ is Unveiled</a>.
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    Elon had a Q and A on twitter today (practically) - when asked about AWD and if it would cost $5k, is response was "less" and he said that it would be FASTER than the test ride prototypes at the reveal. (which were AWD.)
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    he actually said "production AWD will be a lot faster"

    Also "that's not the real steering system" and "Wait until you see the real steering controls and system for the 3. It feels like a spaceship."

    and his response to the comment "not -all- west coast orders would be prioritized, just the very early production" was "correct"
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    Elon's comment about steering was very interesting. Not sure what he is hinting about when he says it will feel like a spaceship.
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    Maybe screen on wheel instead of HUD
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    @JeffreyR : interesting idea
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    Yes, unless dash turns with steering wheel.
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    - The cars were all dual motor all wheel drive at the event.

    - The interior is a placeholder, just as was the case at the original test rides for Model S (2009) and Model X (2012).

    - Elon Musk sent a Tweet of preliminary Model ☰ design drawings by Franz von Holzhausen. They showed an interior very similar to what was on display at the event, with only a single center screen on a pedestal.
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