Model 3

Center Hub Locking?

All 3 3s on stage had center hub locking. Will this be offered as an option or will it be a standard feature? Seems like a high end feature to be offered. Will (or could) the MS and MX change to this too?

Also were the wheels 19", 20" or 21"?

I have watched many press M3 demo rides but haven't seen this asked about.


  • 20 ' wheels on the silver one for sure.
    Elon has confirmed center locking will make it into production. I'm sure they will be part of the performance mdel spec.
  • Do tire/auto shops have the tools to remove/install? Does it require a higher toque than standard lugs? Be hell to have a flat and no easy way to change it. I can't think of many (only 1) cars with this.
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