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Planning a Lease Around the Model 3

I really wish Tesla would give us an estimated delivery date, even if it's a six-month window, for our Model 3 based on our reservation number and location. Since I have a Model 3 reserved it doesn't make much sense to purchase a vehicle to own it over a relatively short timeframe, thus a lease is the better option. Of course the issue with that is that it's impossible to deduce whether a 24-month or 36-month lease would lead me into my Model 3 delivery.

Beginning a 24-month lease then not having a Tesla ordered at the end would leave a customer with very limited options if the reservation is to be retained. Tesla does offer the ability to have the car delivered up to six months out from the order date so that a customer can make arrangements, but I am a bit worried that a 36-month lease would be too long and being on the East Coast I really am torn as to when to expect my Model 3. My heart certainly won't be in whatever car I lease as I await my Model 3 but it's a bit of a necessity.


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    I don't think anyone at Tesla even knows when anything will happen with model 3. We are talking about possible production at least 18 months from now and a lot of things could change that may delay production or delivery. If you lease a car for 24 months, some brands allow you to extend your lease for up to 6 months at end of your lease term.
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    I leased up a MB GLC last week with this same intention. I did a 24 month lease, and as an ongoing customer they said I could extend it for up to a few month beyond that period. I told them what I was doing, so my window is 24-30 months. If it goes beyond that, I will cross that bridge when I get there...
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    Now if I could have leased an S and just swap keys with them at M3 delivery whenever that will be, I would have considered that as well. It would be a win-win. They get more money, I won't be contacting them constantly asking about M3 delivery.
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    Just exactly how is Tesla supposed to give you an estimate on when your car will be delivered when you haven't even configured/ordered your car yet? They haven't even finalized the design/appointments and you want a WAG date of when it will be built........
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