Model 3

I like this nose rendering, but it is too much Porsche-like...

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I guess the Model 3 nose could always be improved a bit, but this one here looks a copy of Porsche, no?


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    I just did the same thing, it feels more "neutral", but the blunt nose adds some character. You're right, it does look more porche-like.

    imgur dot com /cE9muXu.jpg
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    I LOVE it! Perhaps sand a little off the point and it's perfect. M3 P100D with this nose? Oh please, please!
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    I'd like to see something between the Porsche-like nose and the current Model 3 nose. Tesla should have something a little edgier than Porsche. Porsche styling tends to be a little on the bland side. I just think the Model 3 nose is a bit too much. Maybe keep the same basic idea, but shrink it down a little and make it more subtle than "in your face".
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