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Feature suggestion to Tesla: Dim the moonroof?

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Hi, could it be possible to offer a 'dim' feature so that people can make the monster glass rooftop darker?
I was reading that some people may not like the lack of privacy and I imagine a dim feature would be the solution? It seems they have that in the Boeing 787 windows I was told.


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    In one of the test ride videos up on YouTube one of the engineers says a "cover" will be available. On at least 2 videos an engineer indicates the portion over the front seat could be metal, glass or sunroof.
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    Dimmable roof is technically possible, but very unlikely on the Model 3. Mercedes offers the Magic Sky control on a few cars as a $2500+ option (i.e. S class, Maybach). Not clear it's needed with 99% blocking of UV. Of course if you're willing to spend $120 million (the cost of a 787), I'm sure someone can add Magic sky from a Mercedes into your Model 3 :)
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