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I placed my Model 3 order Thursday morning (120th in line at Atlanta Decatur... it was like waiting in line for tickets to a rock concert!). Watched the reveal during a severe thunderstorm and had the feed interrupted by power surges... Argh! Then, got up at 7am to drive our Model S85D for 1,600 miles in four days to go to a function in DC and return. I had plenty of windshield time to think about the Model 3, as we know it and how we'd like it. After diving into YouTube videos of the car last night, I have a few observations and a few wish list items:

- Autopilot made the long trip much more relaxing and enjoyable. While monitoring the car, both visually and with a hand on the wheel, I was still able to enjoy the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley in full spring bloom.
- The aft center headrest blocks aft visibility too much. This is a problem at night when being able to see both headlights behind you give you better situational awareness. That monster needs to be retractable or removable.
- A rated range of 260+ miles (~200 real miles) is too little to make driving an EV a non-issue compared to an ICE vehicle. The availability of charging locations and time to charge up are significant compromises.
- The groans about the 3 not having a hatch are missing the point. The 3 needs to be easy to build and also be of high quality (manufacturing cost, wind noise, etc.). The CUV/SUV version is likely to check that box. Even so, I would love to have a hatch, too.
- The 3 REALLY needs a Heads Up Display. The center display is not line-of-sight with the roadway. Looking at it actually induces risks as a distraction. A HUD with speed and navigation info would be the perfect solution.
- I couldn't tell if there were hand holds/coat hooks over the aft doors. This would be a nice touch of utility.
- My wife would love to have an A pillar hand grip (commonly called a "Sissy Grip") to use both while riding as well as to assist in entering and exiting the car.
- My Dream 3 configuration will be a 3P100D with 0-60 in ~4.0, 300+ real world range and 4-wheel drive and a paint job (stripes) that really does justice to the car's great shape. I'd call her "3P-Oh!". I'm sure I am not the first to do that...

The aft visibility and HUD opportunities for the Model 3 are safety related. If Tesla is serious about heightened operational safety, those items should be put at the top of the priority list, IMHO.

So, what is your wish list for the Model 3?
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