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XPel in NoVA area?

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I don't have my X yet, but I just got a VIN and am hoping for delivery within a couple of months.

Has anybody in the northern VA had XPel/Clearbra installed? I'm looking for recommendations on an installed, and approximate cost, if available.



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    Try Dave @ TLC Auto Detail. Have used him for 3 yrs applying CQuartz to my S. Now does XPel. Had him apply to front, hood & other vulnerable areas in Jan. Stands by his work. No hesitation recommending him. Better quality & price than the previous installer I used. E-Mail: [email protected]
    Phone: (703) 517-8944
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    Thanks, Kickgas! Any ballpark pricing?
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    Call Skip Vachon at PFT Films. (703) 944-7076

    He did my S and my X. Awesome.
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    Thanks, elguapo. Dave at C&C was very quick to respond to emails and seems detail oriented, but prices seemed pretty high.
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    Please list ball park prices. Trying to find 3 to 5K installer.
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    @fabiha It is not cheap, especially if you want it done well. Don't get a whole car wrap though - it isn't necessary.

    @darlin Here's what Skip did and pricing. Again, not cheap, but not crazy expensive considering the cost of the car it is protecting.

    "Complete Package" $2,095
    Full Hood, Full Fender and Mirror Protection
    Bumper Protection
    Headlight and Foglight Protection

    Additional Coverage:

    Rear Bumper Protection $495
    Seat-Back Protection $695
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    @fabiha Curious as to Dave's quote, if you would share...and what it included...
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    Dave should be able to do it for under $2K depending on how extensive the job you request. Shouldn't need beyond hood, front bumper, top of rear bumper, headlights & fenders.
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    @kickgas Don't forget side mirrors! Shouldn't add much, but that's an important area.
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    @elguapo, thx, that is what I was expecting and willing to pay for the "complete package".

    Was not even thinking about 100% due to cost alone.

    Good to hear quality work done for a fair price. I will be in contact with them soon. Like right after I know the date of pickup.
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    I was thinking about complete coverage partly because of the doors--if they open into anything, despite their sensors, the film may help prevent scratches.

    The whole car would be $6000, which I find a bit too much as well. $1900 would cover: The full front end, which includes the headlights, fog lights, front bumper, full hood, full fenders, and mirrors would cost $1900.

    I've had another car covered by Skip, and while the end result was fine, the process was not as easy as it has been this far with Dave. All else being equal, I will definitely try Dave this time!

    @Darlin, if you're interested, I can certainly ask Dave about a quantity discount on two or more Xes. I don't have a delivery date for my car yet, either; Dave is aware of that and still very willing to discuss options, provide details and pricing, etc. Seatbacks are high through him--$1500, for some reason. He said that's because the whole interior needs to be protected... But I think that will be negotiable, depending upon what else is done.
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    @fabiha What about back bumper?

    I have a feeling Skip may raise the price on seatbacks. They're excruciatingly difficult due to curvature and little room to maneuver. It. took him about 4.5 hours for those alone. He's also a bit of a perfectionist - I guess you have to be in this field. I could never do it!

    That said, $1,500 is outrageous for the inside. Even in CA cost is $750 or so.

    Most important is to use someone you know is great and for whom you have recommendations. Dave sounds great and Skip is too. Nice to have choices!
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    @elguapo, I don't have a price on just the back number. You're right that the seats do sound really high! They come down a bit depending on what else you have wrapped.
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    Final cost for my seats was about $650. They look awesome! I did not get matte, as I like the shine. Matte is also a lot more expensive. I wish it was easier to post pics here...
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    I would plastidip the entire car. It's like vinyl wrap, but its sprayed on and a lot cheaper. You can even change the look of the entire car!

    I've done it to mine twice already, and keep switching it up cause it's cost effective, and I love change. You can however, leave dip on for YEARS and it's fine. I know someone who had it on for about 6 years, and it was perfectly fine.

    It's currently in matte black with bronze accents (the handles, T's, and calipers). Switching it to a white pearl in the next few weeks.

    Check out https://www.facebook.com/ditydips/?fref=ts --- DitY Dips based out of Woodbrige. The guy who does mine's name is Jesus, awesome dude, and does a kick ass job.
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    @darlin are you interested in Dave? Maybe he will cut us a deal if we do both!
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    Let me see about $ for Auto pilot or Xpel. Can not do both at this time. I will let you know by Monday. Sorry.
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    No worries I have swung back in my constant indecision to NOT doing xpel or opticoat! Wash and wax for me :)
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    I think I am leaning the same way.

    Hubby has meguiars premium car care kit, so I will let him wash and wax it, then maybe he can drive it. LOL

    I want the autopilot turned on! but I will wait until I test it if they are still giving out 30 day trails.
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    CAUTION! If you take the 30 day trial, you WILL end up buying it. Kinda like the first test drive in a Tesla. The government should post warning labels ;-)
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