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Was the line we were in the slowest during the Model 3 launch?

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As with over 100k+ people, I stood in line for the Model 3. We were 240-242 (thanks for the count and some of your pictures Mark Z) in line and waited five hours from the time we arrived.

After reading what people experienced in their lines and talking with fellow Model 3 reservation holders, I wondered...

I wonder if the line we were in at Brea Mall (California) was the slowest during Model 3 Release Day.

Here's what it was like in our Model 3 line.


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    I counted a bit over 500 people at Sunnyvale, CA at 10 am. One friend at about the 450 mark got in after about 100 minutes. At around noon, another 200 had joined the line. By 3pm there were no lines.

    <img src=""&gt;
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    @TeslaTap... How many people were taking orders at Sunnyvale? We were 240-242 in line and were out around 2:16PM. There were 3 order takers (up until they were augmented with 3 more around 2:14 PM)

    My question isn't how many people were in line, it was how fast was the store that people lined up at.
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