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Tesla can bill for added green % of battery bar indicator, NOT electricity

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Superchargers are for free long distance travel. So, if you drive over 200 miles in a day and Supercharge, they are free.

But if you drive under 200 miles in a given day and Supercharge, Tesla can bill you.

Since Tesla can't legally bill for electricity, DON'T.

BUT Tesla can bill for changing your display from a low battery status indicator to a full (or whatever percentage) battery status indicator.

Cha Ching!!!

(Re: the lingering question of Model 3 Supercharging)


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    I dont think Tesla are like that.
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    So you are saying that if I decide to help a friend out and give him a ride to Boston to catch a flight, on my return trip back to CT, and I need a charge, I should be charged for it?

    I don't know where you are, but when it gets down to 15 degs outside and having to deal with the ever changing landscape here in New England, a full charge is not going to get me 265 miles., especially if the wipers are going which means the headlights are on and because it is cold out, the heating system is constantly on. So why should I be charged additional money for clearly not being a "freeloader", when I HAVE TO stop to charge on my return trip back to my home?
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    Except Pungoteague Dave explained that Tesla CAN charge for electricity. And if they couldn't, this "workaround" would never fly in court.
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    Tesla will never charge for electricity. We all pay for supercharger use, either built into the price of the car or as an add on one time activation but it won't be pay as you go
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    I like driving. I can drive over 200 miles in a day, every day, for the rest of my life, easily. Might as well just make Supercharger access 'Free for LIFE!' Oh, wait...
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