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Comfort of backseats

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First of all it's a pitty there doesn't seem to be a search function on this forum. Sorry if this question was already answered elsewhere.

I was wondering about the space in the back and the comfort of the seats. Having 3 teenage kids I want to avoid endless discussions about who sits in the middle. Are the seats equally comfortable and is there indeed enough space for 3 adults. Mr. Musk was quite convinced in his presentation about this, but I'm curious to hear from someone who attented the test drive whether he was a bit over-optimistic or not. Any model S owners who want to comment are welcome too.


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    I rode in the back seat at the unveil and am 6 ft and found it more roomy for head room and on par for knee room with my Model S. It is a little tighter width wise with three adults, but that makes sense, as it is a bit narrower overall compared to the S.
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    In the Model S, the center rear seat is slightly roomier than the ones on each side, since there's more headroom if you factor in the curve of the roof. The floor is perfectly flat since there's no drive shaft or tailpipe, so the middle seat won't be awkward.
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