Model 3

Anyone else think scale of the front end should be increased slightly?

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The more I look at the 3 the more I find the front end, i.e. about the first third of the vehicle from the windshield forward looks small compared to the rest of it. Almost as though its about 90% scale comparatively.

Wondering if playing with that will be part of tidying up the nose. I believe I read somewhere that Tesla was considering that and that even a few millimeters here and there can change the overall effect

Wouldnt be a dealbreaker for me cuz its still a striking design, but I think theres something there that could be tweaked slightly.

What does everyone think?


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    I think looks (beyond the existing design) come in a distance second to drag coefficient and absent the computer models and calculations, we're completely unqualified to give an opinion on changes that should be made.
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    But thats just it, design is one of the things that sets a Tesla apart from the other EV's.

    Having said that I'm sure coefficient drag was a huge consideration in the design of the front, and even if it stays the way it is they will have struck an impressive balance.
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    Oh no. It looks great, authentic. I expected front would look like that. It really resembles a Porsche, but still authentic.
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    @lock - Agreed. Their balance is great.
  • Wow stop there, for the first time I can say I don't disagree with anyone's post on this thread.
    And the fact that they are all positive is cream on the cake :-)
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    It is called a cab forward design. It is like that on purpose. Short overhangs beyond the axle both in front and in the rear. Leading edge of the windshield over the front tires. Trailing edge of the windshield extending to the rear of the car. This increases the available space for passengers within the vehicle without requiring a substantially longer car overall. This also allows you to have a longer wheelbase. This is all possible due to the compact nature of electric motors as compared to even 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder low displacement internal combustion engine vehicles. Thus, there is no need for a profile that screams, "HEY, LOOK AT ME! I'M A ~*FRONT*~ ENGINE, ~*REAR*~ WHEEL DRIVE CAR!!!"

    <img src="; width="600">
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    Looks like there is enough room for 6 E motors in the front of that E type. 6x 416 hp is too much ;-)
    But couldn't you use the better looking 3.8L instead?
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    We want a small car to save on cost and boost efficiency.

    We want an aerodynamic car to increase range.

    And we want a big cabin despite small overall size to increase passenger and cargo room.

    With a Big car you can minimize the compromises.

    With a compact car some sacrifices will need to be made.

    Want a kick ass Tesla with little comprise? Spend $70k plus.
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