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Current-owner priority?

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My spouse and I own a Model S, in my name.
My spouse just reserved a Model 3, but in my spouse's name.
How will Tesla know we are "current owners"?

(I'm wondering if we should cancel the reservation and make a new one, or what.)


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    the reservation needs to be tied to the email address and MyTesla account that your current car is under. if you used a different one, you’ll need to make another reservation and cancel the other one. this is what happened to me and this is what tesla told me.
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    Or could they possibly just change the email address on their "My Tesla" page? I would likely do both that and put in a new reservation until it was clear what the best/fastest path was (and then cancel the seemingly slower reservation).
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    Don't put in another reservation. Make sure the email address is changed. Canceling the reservation will change the place in the queue.
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    No matter what you do I'm getting my cars before you. :-)
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    @JT I live on the west coast so in bet I get my car before you even though you have composed the FAQ thread
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    Thanks for the answers/replies.

    I was at the local showroom and they said "wait until you have an RN, and then let them know that you are the same customer as an owner". (RN=reservation number) The agent said an RN would likely be sent in 30 days or so.

    Sound right?

    I could call Tesla and ask to change the email address on the reservation, but there isn't any way to do that in forms interface that I can see. (We did set the phone number in the reservation to my phone, so at least one cue is the same at the ownership record.)
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    I think that your accounts need to be merged and simply changing your e-mail address wouldn't be enough to get the job done.
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