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Trade In S for 3?

Hi all,

I'm a current Model S owner who reserved the Model 3. My intention is to trade in my S for the 3 primarily because I have a pre-autopilot S and autopilot would help me a ton and also quite frankly I wouldn't mind a slightly smaller car. I have a couple questions for those who may know about the Tesla purchase process (it has been awhile for me):

1.) Will I be able to trade in my 2013 MS for some value towards the M3?

2.) What do you think a ballpark figure Tesla would offer me is? I know private could go higher. I have a 2013 85KW with practically everything except the child seats.

I realize #2 is definitely speculation but trying to figure out if anyone knows the going range. I called Tesla and they told me I'd have to go into a local store to get a price for TODAY (but obviously no reflection of the future) and I don't care enough right now to drive to a Tesla store just to do that.



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    I intend to do the same (2015 S85D) when my M3 delivers. I was fairly early in line, so we'll see. I'm guessing mid-2018, since I do want lots of bells, whistles and fwd hp. By then the S will be 60,000+ miles and retaining as much of its value as I can expect (55-60% of new is my WAG).

    I traded in an Audi S4 to Tesla on the S. They found a wholesale buyer and nursed the bid up a bit. The major benefit was the trade reduced my state sales tax, making it about a push with selling the Audi on the open market. Less hassle put me over the top to do the trade.

    And the wait begins.....
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    There is no way we can say what the car will be worth in 18 months. Factors they might give you today would be different in 18 months. Demand for the used car, inventory of new, wha they could resell yours for. How much you owe (if you have a loan). So many different variables I would assume there would be SOME value... just not sure it will be what you want then.
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    I'm in for a Ξ reservation and would trade in my 12/15 build S90D depending on a number of things including comfort, new V2 AP hardware, and dual chargers. Unless test drives are offered early, I won't know for sure for a while. Worse case, I'll continue to enjoy the best vehicle available today and Tesla gets a $1000 interest-free loan.
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    What sort of mileage do you anticipate?
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    I shall keep my early 2013 MS. My wife will enjoy her M3. I shall enjoy AP when I drive the M3.
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    It always cost you when you trade your car in early. I went from a 2013 to a 2015 Model S.D

    The early trade (I had purchased the first car) cost me $8000. So I leased the second Model S which will allow me to trade it in when the lease is up at a minimum cost. But then I lost the Tax deduction.

    To make up for that loss I added solar panels to my roof which gave me a 30 percent of the cost of the panels in tax credit.

    Now I suppose I will buy the model 3 to get the tax write off of $7500 . Will it be there and will it be the same amount as the model S ?
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    "One miiiiilllion dollars!"

    Sorry, just had to do that.
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    I've got a Model S from 2013 as well. S85, with about 64k miles on it right now. I was thinking of the same thing (trading in for Model 3). I'm guessing that I'd be in the $25-35k range in 2 years (complete guess on my part). Realizing that it may not be worth it for me to replace, as I can't think of any car in that price range which could give me the safety (even in 2018), performance, size, etc. that my 5 year old Model S85 could give me.

    Best case scenario is if they allowed retrofits of AP in the near future. In any case, I'll have the safest and best vehicles that I can have for my family.
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