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Forget the dash controversy, ignore the HUD/no HUD questions, who cares what size, shape, orientation, or angle the display is ... none of it matters if all the features are completely, and reliably, controlled by voice!!

Ok, the HUD would still be nice but a lot of the screen stuff becomes irrelevant if you can say things like
Roger, turn the wipers on low (assuming you've named you car Roger, if not it would be silly to call your car Roger if, for example, you've named it Sally)
Roger, set the temperature in here to 71 degrees.
Roger, turn on the high beams.
Roger, please eject the passenger if he continues to try to change the radio station. (My name is Dave, so Roger could then respond with "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.")


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    I think the issue is getting information back. I'd not want the car to be voicing the information.

    <em>"You're now going at 56 miles per hour, now 57 miles per hour, now 58 mph and you have 210 miles of range remaining, You're now going 57 miles per hour and have 209 miles of range remaining. The car has twenty two thousand and five hundred and thirty seven miles. You're now going 58 miles per hour."</em>

    Add in indicator status and it would be rather painful!
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    "Future Testament, play Def Leppard for me, please."

    "Future Testament, check for police activity, please."

    "Future Testament, advise of traffic delays, please."

    "Future Testament, engage stealth mode, please."

    "Future Testament, hold all calls, please."
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    I'd have to agree that would be rather bothersome. And I don't think voice control would replace the information being displayed somewhere else. On the other hand for some things there is no reason you couldn't just ask, things like how much range is left or how far to the next supercharger. Some of things your phone may be able to do like phone class and some apps if the M ☰ supports android auto, but having the car be able to do it would make things more consistent.

    I like voice control and think recognition has come a long way in just a few years, but it can be rather spotty in some cases and down-right irritating in others. If Tesla did something like this it would need to be pretty accurate and easy to use. Nothing like...

    Roger, please turn down the volume
    Sure thing Dave, rolling down your window
    No, no Roger, roll up the window and turn down the radio volume!
    I'm sorry Dave I can't understand you with the window rolled down...
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    I'm Johnny Cab. Where can I take you today?
    I don't want a Knight Rider Kit companion in my car.
    Voice recognition needs to be programmed and a lot of people aren't smart enough to understand it let alone program it. Noise affects accuracy of it too.
    Just my thoughts. It'll be a long time before it is perfected for use. See it in real word medical field. Horrific.
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    It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to understand... ME. No one in West Virginia is gonna buy one anyway...

    ~*runs away*~
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    The only advantage to voice control is the elimination of physical controls, which saves money for Tesla. there is no time savings. It takes you literally 1 second to change the volume of the radio, versus having to say "Roger, the volume up by a factor of 2" For any voice prompt there will be a delay from your verbal prompt and the system giving an acknowledgment that it is ready.

    Now, one voice control that would be a time saver and being really creeping at the same time would be if your car talked/greeted you when you got in the car. So, first thing in the morning you open the door and your car asks you something like, " hello, is there anything I can do for you". You say no and it responds ok. Now let's say you want to go somewhere, requiring the nav system. After it asks you if there is anything it can do for you, you reply "yes, navigate to 1234 Main St., Chicago, IL" Where this saves you time is you can say/do all of this while getting yourself settled in the car, putting into Reverse or drive, etc. It would illuminate the need to hold down the button, wait for it say "begin recording". this would be a truly hands free nav system.

    Of course then we all would have to name our cars KITT.... :-)
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    Even creepier ...

    "Good morning Dave, I think you've lost weight since yesterday"
    "Thanks Roger, how was your night?"
    "Just fine Dave, I topped off my charge, received a factory update, and spent an enjoyable 45 minutes teasing your wife's Jeep"
    "Roger, we've talked about that, the old smoke breathers have feelings too"
    "You're right Dave .... I'm done synching with your phone, would you like to know your schedule for today"
    "Sure, that'd be great. While you're doing that can you take over and drive me to work, I'm pretty tires so I'm going to take a nap"
    "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."
    "Sigh... we've talked about that too haven't we Roger....?"
    "Sorry, I couldn't resist"

    Now that would be cool ....
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    Note to Self: Do not name your car 'Roger'...

    <img src="; width="300">
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    Thanks for that <shudder>, I'll have to think of something cool now ....
    Mach 5? nope, taken
    Speed McQu .. err no ...
    RC? no, appropriate maybe, but no
    The General Lee? ... not welding the doors shut, so no..
    Sparky? Too obvious
    Chitty, Chitty ba - ... if it could fly maybe...
    Doom Razer .... WTF? How old are you?

    I've got a couple years - I'll think of something ...
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    dsvick, well done!
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    Given Tesla's current abysmal voice control, I don't hold out much hope. I'd like to see more practical commands such as "turn on the headlights. Can't you tell it's foggy?" or "call 800 555-1345, just like it says on that billboard. No, I can't put the number in my phone directory and call it by name, you idiot."

    Some of the controls are far better than on other cars, but if you take somebody who isn't familiar with the car and expect them to figure out how to turn on the headlights when it's foggy, or make a phone call to a specific number using the center console, you will realize how much Tesla screwed up.
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    Take a 'Leaf' from this forum.

    Idiot. Call the car 'Idiot'.

    Where are you going with this thread/road, Idiot.

    Turn on the light Idiot.

    Why can't you understand me Idiot?
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    It's just natural for Tesla to improve on the voice control. Tesla is the technology company revolutionizing auto industry by adding features such as touch screen and autopilot. I would love to see Amazon Echo like voice control to replace touch screen buttons and stalks. In fact, I often mix up turn signal stalk with the autopilot stalk...
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    Considering that Musk and Bezos have a pretty strong rivalry, I could definitely see Tesla wanting to match Amazon on voice recognition. That's not a trivial piece of engineering, though.
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    "Marvin" but only if it gets the voice from the movie (which was the only good part compared to the books).

    Stupid spam filter - can't post an image ....
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    well..there's always "Of Course I Still Love You"
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    "Heart of Gold" using the "improbable drive"!
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    Just don't want the voice of "Eddy" (ship's computer)... Marvin would be great though annoying after the first day.
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    There is a huge difference in how well an iPhone (6) understands my voice and how well an Apple Watch does. I do hope (and assume) Tesla improves in the future.

    Side note: I don't think I ever noticed that my loathed ICE allows me to "Call Mom Mobile" successfully. It takes a confirmation prompt to execute but it works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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