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Why not have a model 3 convertible? I don't plan on going over 80mph.
Maybe I'm alone here.


  • Aerodynamics, reduced milage, rigidity, cowl reinforcement needed,.....and the BIGEST one: Tesla needs to build 320,000 M3 already ordered.
  • Forgot to add it is a sedan and 4 door convertibles are VERY rear and very ugly. We would need a coup first.
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    just wanted a hardtop convertible. Plenty of room in the trunk for one. oh well, I'll still be happy with whatever T offers.
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    I expect you'll be able to get a convertible Model 3 if there is some demand from third parties. For example, the Model S is available now from Newport engineering:

    <img src=""&gt;

    Doubtful Tesla will produce one before 2020.
  • @dd.micsol: Actually I don't think there is room for a retractable hardtop. Not an engineer but I have owned 2 SLKs. I don't think there is enough length behind the rear bulkhead to fit the top. That is (subjectively) one hideous abomination. Particularly that 'pile of crap' in the back. I owned an S2000 and my biggest pet peeve was that the top don't auto boot. It came with a soft cover boot that almost no other S2000 owner used but me. I was obsessive in installing the cover because I could not stand that look. And that MS 'hack job' even makes the MINI convertible's top without a boot look neat.
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    AUDI, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have some really sleek, well thought out, and convenient looking convertibles/cabriolets. It would be quite nice if a similar variation of a hardtop convertible Model ☰ were possible by 2020. But, it would have to be verified as being extremely safe, or Elon would probably not sign off on it.
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    If Tesla makes a new Roadster on top of the Model 3 chassis then I would expect that to be a removable hardtop. So that would be the thing to get, sort of a Miata-killer.
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    A convertible by 2020? Are you on crack? Let's see how many of us have the model 3 by 2020 first, the worry about a convertible.
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    "Miata-killer"? Really? That's what you think of when you hear of a Tesla Roadster? *OUCH*
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    The S and X aren't going anywhere but I don't think Tesla set out to be just a boutique luxury brand. I mean, they could still be making the Roadster today if they wanted to as a low-volume item like a Dodge Viper or what have you. They're done with that way of operating. They should treat the 3 platform as a spawning ground for multiple vehicles in the 3's pricerange. There's no hard and fast rule that a Tesla Roadaster has to be $100K.
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    HiteshBhatt was amazed, "'Miata-killer'? Really? That's what you think of when you hear of a Tesla Roadster? *OUCH*"

    +1! Agreed. Quoted for TRUTH!

    mos6507: The Tesla Model R will be a Corvette-killer, Porsche Cayman-killer, Porsche Boxster-killer, Porsche 911-killer, Alfa Romeo 4C-killer, Dodge Viper-killer, Ferrari 458-killer... And it won't even be the supercar from Tesla Motors. That will be the Tesla Model Z.
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