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Who would like to see a coupe and why?

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I understand the advantage of the higher roof line for more interior space, but my kids are grown and I would prefer a 2 door like what BMW does with the 4 series. They modify a 4 door 3 series and by lowering it have achieved a better handling and more aggressive look.


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    When Tesla makes a coupe, it will be the new Roadster. Coupes are not selling. Everyone, meaning the majority of car buyers, wants either a sedan or as 2015 proved, SUVs.
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    Since the early 1990s the B-Pillar in cars has grown to about six times its normal size because of new crash regulations. In Sedans, this has always been a problem for me because I have long legs and have to put the driver's seat all the way back to fit comfortably. Unfortunately, the B-Pillar is directly to my left in that position. So, I have to lean forward or crane my neck backward to see around it to ensure there is no one n my blindspot before changing lanes. With a longer door in a Coupe, that issue is largely eliminated.
  • @Red Sage ca us: Almost no one does this but if you correctly set you side mirrors there is no blindspot. It will be a little strange at first but panning from one side mirror to review to the other side mirror will give you a full view of all areas around your car. Hard as hell to post a link on this forum.

    www dot wikihow dot com/Set-Rear‐View-Mirrors-to-Eliminate-Blind-Spots
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    wj: I was taught the S.M.O.G. process: Signal, Mirror, Over-the-shoulder, GO! If I am driving a fully loaded panel van, I'll trust mirrors alone. But in a passenger cars, I verify by turning my head. Too many cars are the same color as the ground, sky, or concrete barriers on the highway. They are practically invisible in mirrors.
  • The obvious answer would be to have a smaller mirror added to show blindspot, but I am sure with the autopilot safety features you would be able to see this.
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